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5 Goldendoodle Haircuts and Grooming Styles You Will Love

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

So, you are the proud owner of a gorgeous Goldendoodle. What’s not to like?  If you are trying to decide which of the many Goldendoodle haircuts would suit your pooch, then read on.

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The Goldendoodle Mix

This very popular breed owes its unique charm to its combination of Poodle and Golden Retriever. Yes, that’s right. Now you can see why the mix was sure to appeal to dog owners.

If you already own a member of this breed, then you will know all too well that a good grooming routine is required.

On the other hand, if you are just getting ready to welcome home your new little Goldendoodle puppy then it is probably a good idea to know what is ahead with respect to grooming and just how to go about it.

To help you get started, I can refer you to some good Goldendoodle grooming tips, including which tools to use

But first you may wish to consult information on the US Goldendoodle Association website:

The Goldendoodle Coat

Goldendoodle are generally regarded as low shedding, one of the reasons why it is a popular breed among allergy sufferers.  However, their hair does grow longer than many breeds, hence the need for a regular grooming routine.

But, because this is a mixed-breed, you can find your Doodle throwing more to a Poodle coat or more to the Golden Retriever coat. It all depends on his heritage.

Either way, the Doodle coat type probably slots into one of these categories:

  • Wavy – as you would expect, the wavy coat is a result of a nice balance of Retriever and Poodle.
  • Straight – this coat type is generally found in Doodles that have inherited more of the Retriever characteristics.
  • Curly – and of course, the more curly the coat, the more of the Poodle strain that has come through.

You can also expect to see a variety of coat colors in this breed, from white to black with varying shades in between such as the popular apricot color or a creamy, light brown color. I think the variation in colors makes perfecting the different Goldendoodle haircut styles even more exciting.

Goldendoodle Haircuts

Because this is a cross breed, many people are unsure if the breed name is one word or two. In other words, should it be spelt as Goldendoodle or Golden Doodle. I usually opt for the former but in case your search includes the 2 word version, you will see that I have occasionally included that spelling as well.

The following video provides an excellent demonstration that can help you manage some of the more popular Goldendoodle haircut styles at home.

How to trim a Doodles body at home!

Grooming a Goldendoodle in Comfort

Before we discuss the range of possible Goldendoodle haircut styles and how to go about them, it is worth mentioning that Goldendoodles can range in size from miniature all the way up to what is referred to as standard.

If you have the latter, then you might be looking at a Doodle that weighs in the vicinity of 90 or 100 lbs (approx 41 to 45 Kg). That can mean back-breaking work unless you have a good grooming table with a comfortable harness. Here are some options that you might like to consider:

Dog Grooming Tables with a Harness (Affiliate Link)

So which of the many Goldendoodle grooming styles do you prefer?

By the way, if you happen to be working as a groomer in a salon, it will be important to know the most popular Doodle cuts by name as dog owners tend to request a certain style by its popular name.

1. The Goldendoodle Puppy Cut

If you have already considered this style as a possibility, then you might have come across its alternate name: the Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Cut.

And as we all know, Goldendoodles have that irrisistible teddy bear look., You just want to throw your arms around them and give them a big teddy bear hug.

The Teddy Bear Cut is poplar for many of the longer-haired breeds such as Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Bichons. But it works equally well on Goldendoodles.

Features of the Puppy Cut Style

  • It is loosely defined, hence there are many variations that come under the heading of ‘Puppy Cut’
  • A cut used for showing young Poodles.
  • An even-length style all over the body – 1 to 2 inches in length
  • A shorter length style
  • Ideal for keeping matted hair at bay
  • Ears are kept cleaner when your dog is eating
  • Easier to manage bathing
  • Resultant coat resembles a puppy with fluffy, smooth hair

Owners and groomers tend to enjoy looking at photos of different styles. But I think a video gives you a much better idea than simply looking at Goldendoodle Teddy Bear cut pictures.

A number of you might own one of the mini Doodles. How cute are they! The Mini Goldendoodle haircuts vary as well. So, if you are interested in seeing a number of different Goldendoodle haircut styles, you can view this video:

Best Types of Goldendoodle Haircuts! 🐶🦴✂️

2. The Kennel Cut

This is one of the cooler Goldendoodle haircut styles; it’s a very short style.

Features of the Kennel Cut

  • Ideal for summer
  • Requires very little brushing until it starts to grow out again
  • Stays cleaner longer
  • Avoids mats
  • Less frequent salon visits required

You can see some before and after pictures in the video at the end of this section on Goldendoodle grooming styles.

3. The Lamb Cut

You have probably already heard of this style for Poodles. But, as you would expect, the Goldendoodle also looks great sporting this style.

Features of the Lamb Cut Style

  • Short length on the body to about an inch
  • Hair on the legs a little longer
  • Easy to manage afterwards
  • This style is done with good quality clippers
  • Scissoring is used only for finishing off
  • A little longer than the Kennel Trim
  • More stylish than the shorter styles

Refer to the video in the Comparing Goldendoodle Cuts section to see how this style looks.

4. The Poodle Cut

Again, this is the style that we are so used to seeing on Poodles, but it also works for Goldendoodles.

Features of the Poodle Cut Style

  • Hair is kept short around the face
  • The torso hair is kept short
  • Hair on the legs and tail is left long and fluffy

5. The Goldendoodle Lion Cut

As the name suggests, dogs with this style actually resemble a lion.

Features of the Goldendoodle Lion Cut

  • Hair around the head and neck is left long to resemble a lion’s mane.
  • Hair on the legs and rest of the body is kept very short
  • Hair on the end of the tail is left long and fluffy, just like a lion’s

Comparing Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

I love, like most of you, looking at before and after pictures or photos to get an idea of the kind of style I am seeking. The following video does just that. It gives you before and after images of many of the major Goldendoodle styles such as the Puppy Cut, the Kennel Cut, the Lamb Cut, the Poodle Cut, the Lion Cut and the Mohawk cut. You can also see if you prefer Goldendoodle haircuts short style.

The video includes other Doodle mixes but points out that any of the styles can suit your Goldendoodle. I must say, however, from all of the Goldendoodle haircuts teddy bear styles are the ones I still prefer.

Common Doodle Haircuts Part 1 – Styles for Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Aussiedoodles & Bernedoodles

How to Trim the Goldendoodle face

Many owner are a little nervous when it comes to clipping the head area, especially around the eye.

As with many fluffy breeds, the eyes can present a problem. More precisely, it is the hair around the eyes that pose the main problem. Without the right care, this are can become dirty, stained and irritating to your dog.

So, in the video below, you can see the groomer scissoring her client as well as using clippers. She demonstrates really well how to clean up around the eyes using blending shears.

Golden Doodle- Face- Eyes

Goldendoodle Grooming Tools

Once you set yourself up with the right tools, you will find that you don’t have to leave your pooch on the grooming table while you duck out to find something more suitable to manage the task at hand.

I would say that you would be well served by this list of grooming tools so that you can better manage a number of Goldendoodle haircut styles.

A Dog Brush

The more frequently you brush, the better chance you have of avoiding excessive hair matting. The types of brushes you can use here include:

  • Best Slicker Brush for Goldendoodle – the ones that have bendable pins are less likely to prove irritating to your Doodle’s skin. Some even have a self-cleaning capability.
  • The best brush for a Goldendoodle puppy would be soft of course.

Check out the range of brushes displayed here: Brushes for Grooming Needs.

Or browse grooming brushes here. (Affiliate Link)

Goldendoodle Clippers

So what comes to mind when we are looking for the right dog clippers for Goldendoodle haircut styles? Well, certainly one of the most popular brands that “fly out the door” from this site for similar breeds would be the Andis clippers.

Andis Clippers for Dogs (Affiliate Link)

You can see, when browsing through the feedback that dog owners are very pleased with this brand finding that it is right up there when looking for the best clippers for Goldendoodle.

Dog Shampoo

Now what makes the best shampoo for Goldendoodles? If you have the right shampoo you can reduce the chance of irritating mats as well as the chance of skin allergies.

Dog Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler | Made in USA | Organic Ingredients | Best Shampoo for Goldendoodles and Doodles | Puppies | Grooming, Best Smelling | We Love Doodles |16 OZ (Lavender)

If you have a Doodle that does have sensitive skin and/or suffers from the occasional flea attack, you can find some very effective solutions discussed in this post on flea shampoos.

Dog Bath Brush

I love the idea of using a massaging type brush when bathing your Goldendoodle. The soft silicon brushes are just the thing in grooming brushes such as this dog bath brush. (Affiliate Link)

Rounded Tip Scissors

In between visits to the salon, it is a good idea to keep a watch out for any hair that is creeping into your Doodle’s eyes and clip it back. With these professional grooming scissors (Affiliate Link) you can tackle the problem with less fear of causing any harm.

Managing Goldendoodle Haircut Styles at Home

As you can see from the above dialog, there are a number of different tools that can make lighter work of grooming Goldendoodles styles.

The videos above have some great tips in addition to allowing you to see and compare the many different styles.

I have found that when it comes to buying the grooming tools that allow you to practice Goldendoodle haircut styles, it is hard to go past Amazon for that one-stop convenience shopping and security.

Goldendoodle Grooming Supplies
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2 thoughts on “5 Goldendoodle Haircuts and Grooming Styles You Will Love”

  1. Have AussieDoodle, very basic newbie Groom question.

    I normally have my dog professionally groomed about every 6 weeks in Charlotte, NC. I would like to see if I could lengthen this time by perhaps cutting a little off of the dog’s body area myself. This is hypothetical and of course I will still use the groomer. Just want to buy a little time if possible. Of course grooming is a professional art. My budget is limited so….

    My groomer said she actually does not use high end Andis shears but rather I know she is using a black Andis (not the red one with higher SPM’s). But I welcome your opinion.

    I first said I bet you have a pair of $300-$400 clipper. But she said no. I believe she has this one based on what she showed me:
    Andis ProClip Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal Grooming

    1. Perhaps the Andis AGC 2 speed clipper here with a different blade would work (This is not AGC2 more expensive model)???


    Since I wanted my dog to have about 3/4 to 1 inch of hair after being groomed I think (prob wrong) she said she used a 0 comb attachment (not sure of plastic or metal) .

    I did not recall what blade she said she used. I will ask her next time but that is 6-7 weeks away. Perhaps people will have differing opinions on this and the clipper but I would like to know your opinion on the clipper, and what blade and comb attachments (# and brands) are best to achieve 3/4 to 1 inch hair remaining

    Blade #, type recommended for body:

    Comb length, model, number for Body to leave 1 inch of hair?

    3. Also I assume I use the clipper perpendicular or at a slight angle with the comb.

    Appreciate your advice so very much and thanks in advance
    Stay safe in these crazy Covid times.


  2. Hi Peter, you have listed some excellent questions.
    You were wondering about the Andis ProClip clippers. Just looking at clippers purchased by our customers, these have proven to be very popular, and more economical than many of the more expensive models. You mentioned in particular the Andis 2 Speed ProClip model (affiliate link) which sells very well. If you look at the customer reviews on Amazon, you can see which breeds people have been using these for. I think your AussieDoodle would be well served by this choice.

    You can see an excellent demonstration wrt an ideal angle to hold the Andis while clipping in this video. There are also some great tips, in the following video, on blade sizes for the length of hair you wish to retainL Dog Grooming Clipper Blades

    I hope this helps.
    Stay safe also.

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