How to Pamper Dogs with Attention, Tricks, Treats & Grooming

There are so many ways that you can make your dog feel special. The more your dog feels loved, the better he/she will respond to you. We all know how loyal dogs can be. What faithful companions they make, waiting at the door or gate for us to return home. Let’s see how to pamper dogs at home or in the grooming salon.

Some pampering ideas would include:

  • A dog massage which can be therapeutic as well as enjoyable
  • Letting your dog pick out a new toy himself
  • Spending time to teach her a new trick

But let’s find some other ways to show how much we appreciate our dog’s dedication.

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Tips on How to Groom Different Dog Breeds

Whether you are a professional groomer or a pet owner grooming at home, there will be a need to master cuts that suit the particular breed(s) in question.

For fast access, you can jump to the appropriate page here:

You can find some other invaluable breed-specific information from various kennel clubs, in particular the American Kennel Club .

Dog Grooming Tips & Pet Grooming Videos

On this site, you can find a wide range of grooming-related topics such as:

  • Dog Grooming Books
  • Videos that show you how to groom different dog breeds
  • Tips on becoming a dog groomer
  • Interviews with practicing dog groomers
  • Tips on how to groom different dog breeds
  • Basic tips on grooming a dog at home
  • Dog coat care
  • Dog grooming problems
  • etc.

Here you can access the tools & equipment that you would need to operate as a dog groomer as well as the tools that you would need to groom your own dog at home. You can also find clothing for dog grooming.

Enjoy the site and I look forward to chatting with you in the comment section beneath each post.

Pampering Dogs