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Unique Dog Gifts by Breed for Dog Lovers

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

There are endless gift ideas for owners of these beautiful pets. But what makes the gift truly unique is if it also matches the breed of dog that the recipient owns. So let’s see what is available by way of unique dog gifts by breed.

This year has seen many people adopting a dog for the first time. Why? Well, for starters, pandemic lockdowns have led to people looking for at-home company. And even where lockdowns have become a thing of the past, the work-from-home trend has continued for many people.

So having a pet at your feet while you work has gained in appeal. Hence there is an even greater chance that more of your friends and family members are now dog owners. Now, that is a big plus if you are shopping for a gift. You don’t need to scratch your head for long to come up with a great idea for a dog lover.

Breed Specific Gifts for Dog Lovers

What exactly is a good gift for a dog lover? What comes to mind initially are t-shirts and coffee mugs but there is so so many more ideas that we could consider.

We already have a post on this site that provides gift ideas for German Shepherd lovers.

But coming up to Christmas, we need to see what other gift ideas are available for all the other breeds.

Zazzle is a great place to find personalized dog breed gifts. Many items, from tees to caps can be edited to add a name of the owner or dog. You could even add a funny slogan of your own creation on many items.

Dog Breed Gifts in Alphabetic Order

I love the massive range of gift ideas that I can find on Amazon. Dog breed gifts are no exception. You have something in mind? It is bound to be available in such a huge catalog. If it isn’t, I’m sure something just as good, or even better, will catch you eye.

A-Z Dog Gifts by Breed (affiliate links)
AAiredale Terrier
BBedlington Terrier
Bichon Frise
Border Collie
CChow Chow
Cocker Spaniel
EEnglish Shepherd
FFox Terrier
GGerman Shepherds
Golden Retriever
IIrish Setter
JJack Russell
Shih Tzu
WWelsh Terrier

What is a Good Gift for a Dog?

We have looked predominantly at gifts for dog lovers. But what about the dogs themselves? We already give our dogs lots of treats from time to time so we are no strangers to dog gift-giving. But perhaps you have run out of ideas and what to re-enthuse your dog with a new toy or something similar.

I absolutely love the bright colors in this collection from Amazon. See what you think (affiliate links) ….

Gifts for Dogs

Showcasing Some Zazzle Dog Lover Gifts by Breed

Let’s see what Zazzle has for dog lovers in their dog breed departments:

Golden Retriever Gifts

Cockapoo Christmas Gifts

Goldendoodle Gifts

I’m not sure if the following is for the Goldendoodle dog himself or for his owner. Either way, it is a gift that can be personalized.

Goldendoodle Christmas Ornaments

As you can see, this ornament can be personalized with a name.


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