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Best Dog Clippers for Grooming

Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

Investing in the best dog clippers can make all the difference when it comes to trimming dog hair. I don’t know how many times I have heard pet owners bemoaning the fact that it is too difficult to clip certain dog breeds. 

In addition, they wonder how the professional groomer’s clippers seem to glide through the same coat with such ease.  Usually, upon further investigation, one finds that a cheaper supermarket clipper version is the culprit.

If you are hoping to clip your own dogs at home or you are a professional dog groomer, then you can’t expect a sub-standard tool to do the job. You owe it to yourself and to your dogs, to start with good quality dog trimmers.

There are a number of very well known brands that have stood the test of time and the test of professional groomers. So we have listed a number of the more popular models in the table below.

Let’s know, via the comments at the bottom of this post, which brand of clipper you prefer. 

Finding the Best Dog Clippers

You don’t need to look very far to find some top brands that do the job very nicely and that have been favored by countless groomers and dog owners.

For example, the Andis 2 speed clippers are very popular.

But there are other brands that you can consider in addition to the Andis clippers for dogs, brands that are equally as popular.

The Oster Pro is rating very well with customers indeed.

Similarly, many groomers swear by the Wahl animal clippers for instance.

Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming

Below is a catalog display of very popular dog grooming clippers.

If you want to compare some top battery-driven clippers you can see 4 cordless dog clippers discussed here.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers for Breeds

I find that dog owners with specialty breeds prefer to have the right clippers for their particular dog breed. For example, the best clippers for Poodles might not be the best clippers for Cocker Spaniels and vice versa. Browse the table above, sorting according to your needs to find the clipper that best suits your needs.  The Info column includes a number of dog clipper reviews and these are being added to over time.  Each dog hair trimmer review includes feedback from people who have actually used that particular tool over a period of time.

One other aspect that warrants consideration is how best to collect hair clippings. Of course you can sweep the clippings to the side etc. and collect as you go but hair as light as this becomes airborne. So the right kind of vacuum cleaner can go a long way towards helping you to keep pet hair at bay.


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