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Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies and Sensitive Stomach

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

Many dog owners decide when to bath their pooches based on how bad the doggy smell has become. But could dog food have something to do with that smell? Some dogs seem to escape the dreaded old-dog smell better than others but many dogs lose their sweet puppy aroma very early in life and continue to be “dogged” by a bad aroma the rest of their lives. And then they are forever branded as a smelly dog. Is this just a matter of changing your grooming routine or is there something missing in the dog food you are buying?

Chicken Flavored Dog Food (affiliate link)

What Are We Feeding Our Dogs?

I’ve often thought that our own dogs smelt a lot better when we took the time to make food for them ourselves rather than relying on commercial food. One dog, in particular, used to develop a doggy odor within days of being bathed. He always looked cute, and smelt delightful just after his bath but it wasn’t long before you had to wash your hands after patting him just to get rid of the transmitted smell.

How much do we know about the contents of the food that we feed our puppies and adult dogs? I would say that most of us are in the same boat here and know very little about the actual ingredients of what is in that doggy bowl.

And to what extent does a well groomed look depend on good food as well as good grooming? I would expect that there is a very strong correlation between the two.

Nutrient Requirements of Dogs & Cats

I have been quite shocked lately, when reading different books, about what is actually in some of the food that we feed our dogs.

Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats (Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals)

I guess I was particularly horrified recently because we had just come from a regular visit to the veterinary clinic only to be told that there were a couple of major health issues with both of our dogs. Yes, they are aging dogs but perhaps there is more than some truth in the notion that dog longevity is not as good as it should be, or could be, because of what we feed them.

This is why this book on  nutrient requirements of pets caught my eye.

The book might have seemed quite expensive but I could see why when I looked at the contents.

In summary, this hard-cover report:

  • Updates recommendations that have been made by the National Research Council
  • Details nutrient recommendations for different aged dogs
  • Details nutrient recommendations according to how active the dog is
  • Covers metabolism
  • Covers how to identify if there is a nutrient deficiency
  • Lists diseases linked to poor nutrition
  • Discusses different types of pet food

Not only does nutrition play a huge part in having a well-groomed dog but it also can determine the overall health of your dog not to mention the lifespan of your beloved pooch.

High Protein Dog Food Brands

When looking for a good source of protein in your dog food, it is hard to go past Taste of the Wild.

Taste of the Wild will also be found when searching for the dry dog food brands.

High Protein Dog Food (affiliate link)

AvoDerm also offers dog food that is a very good source of protein:

Dry and Wet Dog Food (affiliate link)

A Guide to Dog Nutrition

If you have ever wondered which dog food you should buy or how to make dog food yourself or whether to include raw food, then this  book can help guide you.

Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs: Maximizing Health with Whole Foods,

Dog Food for Diabetic Dogs

If your dog has been diagnosed as diabetic then these products could be what you are looking for:

Food for Diabetic Dogs (affiliate link)

Dog Skin Allergies

This is a major concern for many dog owners as well as groomers. The number of dogs that I see with allergies of some kind is mind boggling.

How many of you have tried to find a solution for dogs licking paws excessively?

How many of you dog groomers are asked every week for a possible solution or a potion that can be applied to the paws to stop the licking.

And more importantly how big a role does nutrition play in all of these skin conditions?

Itchy Dogs – A Natural Health Guide for Dogs with Skin Problems

What Do You Feed Your Dog?

I would love to hear your comments below on what you have been using for dog food and whether or not you already make your own dog food at home.

Is your pooch already on a homemade dog food diet?

Have you found that raw dog food has been the answer you were looking for?

Do you have some favorite recipes for dog food?

Please feel free to share in the comments section below.

~ Jan ~

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