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The pet industry is a huge industry that makes a lot of money. Most people have a pet and they will usually spoil the pet. This makes the pet industry almost recession proof, even during the current weak economy any business that concerns pets is still doing pretty well.

To set yourself up as a dog groomer, you will need a good place to start your business, the proper training, and the right dog grooming equipment.

In order to properly run a dog grooming business it requires many different dog groomer tools because you will be grooming many different dogs. Unlike grooming your own dog at home, you will need a wide variety of tools to start a business.

Tools needed to start a Dog Grooming Business

All of the tools mentioned in this article need to be purchased in professional quality. It is not a good idea to purchase cheap imitations because they may not last and you could run the risk of injuring a dog.

You can also consider various dog grooming kits to see if they contain the grooming tools you are after. The one to the right for example, includes clippers, blades and a DVD.

Dog Combs and Dog Brushes

The first item on the list of dog grooming equipment is a wide variety of combs and brushes. You will be grooming many dogs with many different coats so you will find that brushes are not a “one brush fits all” purchase. A few of the brushes and combs you will need include:

  • A slicker brush for removing mats and dead hair.
  • A pin brush for removing tough tangles.
  • Coarse wired metal combs

Dog Nail Clippers

You will also need to have several professional grade sets of nail clippers. If you have nail clippers for each size dog, your life will be much easier than trying to cut all sizes of nails with a large set of clippers.

Dog Bathing/Showering Equipment

Another essential is an appropriate bathing/showering area.  One relatively straight forward task is mastering how to give a dog a bath. However, you still need to make sure that the area is equipped such that you can bathe the dog with one hand while holding him with the other. Requirements for the bathing area include the following:

  • The type of bathing unit needed will have a switch on the shower head that can toggle from shampoo to water easily with one hand.
  • There should also be a blow dryer handy because you will not have time to let your clients drip-dry.
  • You will need a wide variety of shampoos because every dog has a different skin type, and some will have fleas.
  • At the shower stalls, you will also want to have bottles of ear cleaner so you can get all of the cleaning done in one area.

Dog Grooming Clippers

A good haircut is why most people bring their dog to the groomer. So, the most essential groomer tools will be your dog grooming shears, clippers, and dog grooming scissors along the lines of the following:

  • You will need a high quality set of shears with multiple clipping heads. You should also have a back-up set of shears in case the first pair quits.
  • There are multiple types of scissors required because of all of the different types of coats you will be working with. You will need:
  • straight scissors
  • curved scissors
  • various types of hemostats for clipping ear hair and many other styles of scissors.

These are just the basic tools needed when starting a dog grooming business. As your business grows you will find that you need additional items to add to your dog grooming equipment.

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