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DIY Dog Haircuts by Breed – Easy Dog Grooming Styles Guides

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All dog breeds require a certain amount of grooming, even low-shedding breeds. With the help of grooming guides, and/or the Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds book (affiliate link), you can start to master DIY dog haircuts and hairstyles for a number of different breeds.

I don’t know of a breed that doesn’t need bathing from time to time, some a lot more than others.  That is the easy part. However, clipping is one grooming task that usually requires a little more guidance and practice.

When you look at the stats, it’s amazing to see how many different dog breeds require extensive grooming and of course clipping. And if you are thinking of parenting a dog for the first time, you might find this dog breed quiz a handy guide before adopting your pup.

The New Complete Dog Book, 22nd Edition: Official Breed Standards and Profiles for Over 200 Breeds (CompanionHouse Books) American Kennel Club’s Bible of Dogs (affiliate link)

DIY Dog Grooming

We are currently adding to our tips for different dog breeds, but so far, you can find the following comprehensive list of articles that feature grooming specifics on the listed breeds.

DIY Dog Haircuts & Grooming by Breed

Keep posted for additional articles as they are added.

Dog Grooming Books with Tips

Not sure which breed your dog is? Then there are some ideas that can point you in the right direction, including the idea of using a dog DNA test.


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