Havanese Haircuts – How to Do Each

The cute Havanese breed is actually native to Cuba. The adjective ‘cute’ barely begins to describe these loveable dogs, not to mention their superb coats. But like all long-haired breeds, the Havanese coat requires ongoing attention. In this article we will look at some of the more popular Havanese haircuts, such as the Teddy Bear Cut and the Puppy Cut style.

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How to Manage Different Havanese Haircuts

If you are looking to buy a Havanese puppy, the tips below can steer you in the right direction with respect to taking care of the Havanese coat. In particular, you can gain valuable tips on how to groom Havanese the right way whether at home or in the salon. Read on to get a better idea about some of the more popular Havanese haircut styles such as the Teddy Bear Cut or the Puppy Cut.

Similarly if you are working as a professional groomer and have customers bringing in their Havanese pet for a grooming appointment, you can also utilize the suggestions listed below, to good effect.

This article provides some trimming tips for different Havanese haircuts styles along with suggestions for tools to make the task easier.

A Video Showing How to Groom Havanese

I think this YoTube video demonstrates how to groom a Havanese dog the right way as well as how to cut Havanese hair. Not only that it also shows how to do it with maximize comfort for you as well as the dog.

Clipping faces, in particular around the eyes, is always tricky. This video provides a good demo of grooming Havanese face hair as well as how to groom the back, belly, tail and paws.

You can see from the video that the groomer suggests a full groom every 2 to 3 months. You just need to look past the ads in the video to see how valuable the content is.

This little Havanese is a sheer delight to watch, so affectionate but most importantly absolutely at ease with being clipped. Well, at least until it came to nail clipping and I don’t know any dog that is entirely okay about having their toe nails trimmed. But the groomer manages this task as well as the other grooming tasks. She uses a harness which keeps the dog in position without adding to any discomfort whatsoever.

You would have noticed right at the end of the video some brief tips on
how to keep Havanese hair from matting in particular the ears.

This little Havanese boy dog looks truly handsome by the end of his clipping and grooming.

3 Popular Havanese Haircuts

The Teddy Bear Cut vs Puppy Cut & Short Cut Styles

1. The Havanese Puppy Cut

This is a cut that is intended to duplicate the cuteness that we all see in puppies when they have such a short, fine coat of hair. So this means we are probably looking at a coat length of about 1/2 inch to 1 inch and this would be all over the body and legs. The result? A cute little dog that you simply want to pick up and cuddle.

Depending on the owner’s preference, hair around the face might be left a little longer.

Some groomers prefer a 5 or a 6 guard on their dog grooming clippers to effect this style.

2. The Havanese Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is designed to do the same thing. Have us oohing and aahing over our cute little Havanese dog just as we did when he/she was a puppy. For the Teddy Bear cut, the hair on both the face and the legs is usually left longer to give a puffed, rounded look. Consequently, this hairstyle, in contrast to the Puppy Cut, probably means more frequent visits to the grooming salon to maintain.

3. The Havanese Short Hair Cut

As the name suggests, the Short Haircut is a cool, short-all-over look and extends the time between salon visits. Of course, if you are doing your own clipping then the right clippers are essential for this. Check out this popular video in which a groomer demonstrates how to go about managing the short hair cut for the Havanese breed:

Havanese Grooming Tools

Types of equipment used in the video include:

A grooming harness

I’m sure you would agree that having a harness makes all the difference. The groomer in the video would not have been able to keep her doggy client relatively still for the length of the session without it.

Toenail clippers

What are you currently using for clipping toenails? If it is a tough job, you might want to review your toenail clipper brand.

Used blunt clippers won’t “cut it” when it comes to managing nail clipping. Make sure you have a good quality pair.

Grooming Clippers Help with Different Cuts for Havanese Dogs

The only suggestion I would make is that you might prefer to try a cordless clipper. As you can see from the video, the cord does tend to get in the way a little and even for an experienced groomer, the cord requires some nifty manoeuvring. I have found the following to be very popular:

Blades for Clippers

It pays to have a variety of blade sizes on hand, especially if you are clipping a range of dog breeds.

Grooming Table

The type of grooming table you choose will depend on whether you are simply doing your own grooming at home or managing a busy dog grooming salon professionally. If the former, you can find a selection here that might offer what you are looking for.

However, if it is a professional heavy duty grooming table that you are after then you might like to consider something along these lines:

Dog Grooming Brush

You might already have a suitable brush but if not you can find a wide selection of dog grooming brushes available here (affiliate link)

Conclusion – Which of these Havanese Haircuts do You Prefer?

In closing, let’s look at a professional at work, clipping a Havanese puppy. This video shows the groomer working (in silence) with the cutest of little puppies. I’m sure you will agree the end result is ever so adorable.

Until next time, have fun with your gorgeous Havanese dog, adult or puppy.

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