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Large Dog Grooming Tables & Small Dog Portable Grooming Tables

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When it comes to shopping for dog grooming tables, you will be surprised how easy they are to buy online. So, what is the right dog grooming table for you on the market today?

This is a question that dog owners, as well as professional dog groomers, are often confronted with.

You can find dog grooming tables for large dogs as well as grooming tables that are adjustable for small dogs and a number of them come with a dog grooming table arm as well. Of course, if you already have your table, then you can add to it by buying a pet grooming table arm separately.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy a dog grooming table or not, this article will give you all the facts and options to help you make an informed decision. Discussing the advantages of a grooming table, this article will identify the types of grooming tables that are available in the market and finally help you decide if a particular grooming table is the right one for you and your dog.

Dog Grooming Tables for Large Dogs

Unovivy Electric Dog Grooming Table for Large Dogs, Heavy-Duty X Lift Pet Grooming Table with Non-Slip Rubber Tabletop, Double Arms and 2 Grooming Loop, Table Height from 8″ up to 36″,Black White

But there are many other models and brands to choose from:

Dog Grooming Tables for Large Dogs
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Dog Grooming Tables for Small Dogs

Master Equipment Pet Grooming Table for Pets,Purple

Of course, it is usually dog groomers who go down the track of purchasing a grooming table but there are some pet owners who, having chosen to do their own grooming, find it much easier to manage if they have the right equipment to start with.

Regardless of whether you are a professional groomer looking to stock out your new business with a sturdy electric grooming table or a table specifically for large dogs or a dog owner looking to alleviate back strain, this article can point you in the right direction.

Dog Grooming Tables for Small Dogs
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What Makes a Good Grooming Table?

The short answer is: IT DEPENDS

Some tables that are excellent for larger dogs can consume more space than necessary if you have a small dog.

Similarly, grooming tables that are ideal for small dogs can turn out to be inadequate for a bigger dog.

There are a lot of grooming tables out in the market but what makes a grooming table right for you, is how well it serves your needs and your dog’s needs.

Deciding on Your Preferred Dog Grooming Table

If you have already narrowed down your hunt for the right grooming table and are still wondering whether it is ideal for you, the following might help you decide.

Here are some questions, the answers to which can help you decide whether your choice is the right one or not, before you make your actual purchase. (If you already know what you want, you can skip to the products listed below.

Questions to Ask When Deciding on a Dog Grooming Table

More specifically, what should we look for when trying to choose a dog grooming table from the many that are now available?

Is the Size Right?

The right size for a dog grooming table is the one which is big enough to give your dog enough room but small enough for you to reach the other end without having to go around the table.

Is the Grooming Table Safe and Steady?

The grooming table should not only have an anti-skid surface but should also be stable when being used. A shaking table can make your dog jittery and uneasy which can’t be helpful during the grooming process.

How Long Will the Table Last?

While buying a grooming table, take into consideration how long it will last. A good indication of the quality and the durability of the table is the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Ideally, you want a table with the maximum possible warranty period.

How Convenient Is It to Use and Store the Table?

Bear in mind that most of the time, unless you are a professional dog groomer, the grooming table will not be in use. So consider the amount of storage space that the table will take up while making the decision.

Is It Affordable?

When all other factors are equal, you need to choose the grooming table that suits your budget.

By evaluating dog grooming tables based on the above-mentioned factors, you can identify the one that is more suitable for your purpose. Once you know the exact grooming table that you are interested in buying, you can then begin your hunt for the place where you can get that grooming table, either near you or online.

You could start with big department stores which offer a large variety of different models and types. And as mentioned, when looking for dog grooming tables there is a huge range online of varying types from portable to small, large, hydraulic and electric to name just a few.

Different Types of Grooming Tables On the Market

1. Electric Grooming Table

Electric tables are among some of the more expensive grooming tables but offer the greatest convenience. They can be set to any required height by a simple push of a button and are particularly useful for grooming large dogs.

2. Foldable/Adjustable Dog Grooming Table (Manual)

Portability is the first word that comes to mind here. Portable dog grooming tables are ideal for mobile groomers or anyone grooming pets in a number of locations.
Foldable grooming tables are non automatic grooming tables which are among the cheapest varieties.
These tables usually allow you to change the table height by adjusting the legs according to the required height. If cost is a major concern, these tables are a very good option. If you are looking for an adjustable dog grooming table, the comparison below includes a number of them.

Master Equipment Grooming Table w/36In Grooming Arm, 36x24In Purple

3. Hydraulic Grooming Table

Hydraulic grooming tables provide a foot pump which allows you to set the table at the height you desire. These grooming tables are also on the more expensive side compared to the manually adjustable grooming tables.

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