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Professional Dog Grooming Sprayer Perfume – a Cologne Spray for Pets

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

Now that you have set up your grooming salon so nicely, it’s time to address first impressions.

Smells, pleasant or otherwise, have an immediate affect on one’s impressions of surroundings and quality of service.

And you don’t want new doggy clients to take fright at the stench of other dogs in the grooming salon.

Dog frightens himself

Did you know you can even get a pet odor exterminator candle? In creamy vanilla flavor no less!! But for a grooming salon, a couple of nice-smelling candles are not going to cut it.

Popular Dog Perfumes

I love the idea of using Aloe Vera and here is one such perfume that not only smells great with a rain forest fragrance but also conditions the coat as well.

Now here is one that has exudes the exotic scent of cloves. That’s definitely different and a nice change from that ‘must-wash-him’ doggy smell that you can often be confronted by.

And who doesn’t enjoy the smell of coconut. I love it in a shampoo or a conditioner so this cologne is a winner.

Other Spray-On Products

Now when it comes to sprays (many of which are also perfumed) you might also want to look at:


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