Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs? 6 Convincing Answers

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As the owner of a Maltese Shih Tzu, it’s safe to say that I am very familiar with that fast-growing coat and the consequent need for constant clipping. Having your dog professionally groomed is indeed necessary for most owners of long-haired dog breeds. However, if you are like many pet owners, you might find it a stretch to come up with the extra funds needed to get your pup trimmed every month or so. Have you thus been tempted to use your own human clippers?

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Cost-Cutting Measures

If you have made the decision to tackle the clipping yourself, you might be planning to further reduce costs by making use of tools you already own. If you are like many, you might have even been tempted to try to cut your dog’s hair with a pair of your own clippers, that is, human clippers. After all, they’re small and easy to use—and what could go wrong?


Unfortunately, there are a number of things that could go wrong. So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why human clippers aren’t the best tool for cutting dog hair.

Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers

When it comes to clipping dogs, you want to do it correctly. Dog clippers are designed for dogs, as you would expect. Human clippers, of course, are designed for humans. There IS a difference.

So, What Is the Difference?

Essentially, one of the main differences between human clippers and dog clippers is size. Dog clippers are designed for use on dogs with thick coats, whereas human clippers run at a higher wattage and are more suited to thinning hair or trimming around the face.

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Human clippers are meant to tackle a small area and clip one section of hair at a time, while dog clippers can go anywhere on your dog’s coat. This makes dog clippers more effective at maintaining a beautiful coat, one that always looks smooth and groomed.

6 Reasons Why Human Clippers Are Not Advised for Dogs?

Human hair tends to be much thinner than that of dogs. Thicker canine hair can get stuck in the blades of human clippers. This can create friction and possible over-heating. Just imagine trying to trim Poodle hair with clippers from your bathroom cabinet.

But let’s look at some other convincing answers to the question “Can you use human clippers on dogs?”.

  1. The blades in human clippers are designed for human hair. As such they can be too sharp for dogs. They can easily cause cuts or nicks in your pet’s coat and skin. Human clippers don’t have dedicated blades designed specifically for cutting fur. Instead of an even trimming experience, there’s a good chance your dog’s coat may end up looking more like a buzz-cut than a proper canine haircut!
  2. The blades on human clippers are shorter and closer together. That makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to cut a dog’s hair close to the skin. The blades aren’t designed to move through thick fur like they would on a human head or face. The force required to cut through all that fur is usually more than what human clippers can handle. Clippers for dogs have wider blades that are further apart, allowing you to trim course dog hair smoothly. The blades used on human clippers are simply not suitable for clipping dogs.
  3. Human clippers don’t have enough power to cope with the thick fur that is so typical of larger breeds of dogs. These clippers will simply struggle with the workload and stop working before they have done much more than pull out some loose hairs!
  4. The speed of most human clippers will be too slow for dogs. These clippers are also lacking a turbo button for reaching through thick hair more quickly and efficiently.
  5. Dog grooming clippers are intended to be used on dogs and are designed specifically for this purpose. They will have a motor designed to run without overheating and causing stress.
  6. Dog clippers are great for precision clipping in hard-to-reach places.

Dog Clippers Are the Ideal Tool for Dog Hair

Dog grooming clippers are designed to cut through your dog’s coat with ease, but they’re not all the same. Some dog clippers are designed to be used on animals with thick, dense coats; others will work best for dogs with fine, thin fur.

If you’re looking for an easy, stylish cut for your dog, then a wide variety of professional dog clippers will be up to the task.

Clippers are designed for different sizes of hair and individual needs. There are professional-grade dog clippers, with a larger motor that run on more power, and there are grooming clippers designed for smaller dogs. The type of blade your dog requires will depend on the size and density of their coat.

Dog clippers come in two easy-to-use types: cordless and corded. Cordless clippers have a rechargeable battery that you’ll need to keep charged regularly. They also tend to be quieter than corded models, which can be a plus if you’re worried about your pup getting spooked by the sound of buzzing blades! No annoying cord here.

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Corded dog clippers, of course, have to be plugged into an electrical outlet. No batteries here. This means you don’t have to worry about charging your clippers; just plug them in when you need them! Their noise level will vary depending on the model you choose.

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Can You Use Human Clippers on Dogs Sometimes?

The short answer is: You can try but don’t.

If you have ever tried to use human clippers on a dog, and you are certainly not the only one, then you have already discovered it’s not the best idea.

If you were in the camp of those contemplating using human clippers on a dog, then you already know from this article, before you start, that it is definitely not a good idea.

Have fun grooming your pooch with those good quality dog clippers.

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