How to Groom a Pomeranian – How to Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home

The Pomeranian, often referred to as a Pom, is a small breed of dog with a thick, fluffy coat and a long, narrow face that resembles a fox. Its small size allows us to easily classify it as one of the toy breeds. Because it is such a popular breed, this article provides some tips on how to groom a Pomeranian at home.

It goes without saying that any long-haired dog breed requires extra attention, whether this be a routine of regular bathing, brushing or clipping. it is no different for the owner of a Pomeranian whose fine coat, if neglected, can often end up knotted, matted or tangled.

Whilst the Pom is generally considered a robust dog with respect to its overall fitness, it is a breed that can be prone to a couple of health issues (such as knee or hip problems). However, its long hair can lead to other health issues if not groomed regularly and this would include ear and eye hygiene as well as dental care.

So if you have a new Pom addition to your household and are wondering how to groom a Pomeranian at home, then this article can steer you in the right direction.

An intelligent dog breed, the Pomeranian can become a phenomenal pet/companion with the appropriate care and training.

Tips on How to Groom a Pomeranian at Home

A regular grooming routine is essential for longer haired dogs, no less so for Pomeranian. Not only does it ensure that your pet remains in good health, but it also helps you form a deeper emotional bond with him.

This article provides tips, some videos that can help with Pomeranian trimming and links to quality tools for managing clips and grooming in the salon or at home.

How to Clip a Pomeranian

There are many tips listed in this post that cover how to groom Pomeranian yourself, such as how to care for your Pom’s coat, how to brush & bath correctly, which tools to use and the different types of hairstyles you can attempt. But in case you are interested today in specifically learning how to cut a Pomeranian’s hair, then I have included, right up front, a demonstration video so that you can jump right into the clipping process.

Video:Super Styling Session – Grooming a Pomeranian With Clippers

The video covers a Lion Trim and of course provides a really good idea of how to go about grooming Pomeranian yourself at home, in particular how to trim a Pomeranian. The video does a really good job of showing you how to groom a Pomeranian with clippers so that you can start to feel more confident in tackling the task yourself.

You can watch groomers at work as they demonstrate:

  • How they use clippers to do a Lion Trim on a Pomeranian.
  • How to clip around the pads of the feet. Removing loose hair around the toes can help if your dog is prone to red, irritated paws because of an allergic reaction to food or plants.
  • How to gently handle a Pom’s legs. A common problem with a number of breeds, especially the toy breeds, is a luxating patella (a floating knee cap) so you need to take extra care when lifting their legs to clip underneath.
  • How to trim the foot hair and hock area neatly with dog grooming scissors.
  • How to manage tangles and toe mats.

Caring for the Pomeranian Coat

One unique trait of this adorable pet is its plush coat.

Unlike other breeds, the Pom is double coated, with the undercoat consisting of thick, soft fur that supports the topcoat of straight, coarse-textured fur.

With routine grooming, the coat of this courageous pet will fall just right to give him the puff ball look that’s a trademark of the breed.

A natural product for Pomeranian Coat Care can come in extremely handy:

How to Brush a Pomeranian

Be sure to brush your pet’s topcoat and undercoat daily using a natural bristle brush or a steel comb. This will not only keep the coat clean, but it will also help prevent the matting in the dense coat and stimulate the production of healthy body oils.

  • Brush the dog’s chest, back, leg, head, and neck hair upward.
  • Brush the hair on his stomach downward and
  • Brus the hair on his sides outward.

Be sure to use a professional dryer to maintain the fluffiness of the coat.

Giving your Pom a brush on a daily basis will cut down on the need for complete baths and help keep your Pom fur free of tangles and knots.  Not only that, it will cut down on the amount of fur that you have to suck up every day.

How to Bathe a Pomeranian

In addition-to-brushing, bathe your Pomeranian pet on a weekly-basis using a shampoo formulated for dogs.

Rather than using generic shampoos that can potentially dry out the fur and even cause moderate to severe itching, be sure to use a gentle or hyper-allergenic shampoo that will keep the delicate skin soft and supple.

After bathing him, use conditioner to soften and detangle his coat.

Afterwards, rinse him and towel him dry. Clipping or further grooming should be done after the Pomeranian is dry.

Caring for the Pomeranian’s Nails, Eyes, and Teeth

Grooming a Pomeranian doesn’t just involve routine coat brushing and regular baths. It also involves caring for his teeth, eyes and nails.

Regular Pomeranian Grooming Tips:

  • Toenails
    Be sure to clip your pet’s toenails with dog toenail clippers once every 6 to 8 weeks. Nail clipping keeps your dog’s paws healthy and prevents him from scratching upon jumping up. Be careful not to trim nails too close as this will hurt your pet.
    Check out the video below to see how one groomer does this with ease.
  • Teeth
    You should thoroughly brush your Pomeranian’s teeth on a routine basis as this breed is prone to dental cavities. A special dog toothpaste containing enzymes should be used as it inhibits bacterial growth in the mouth. Be sure to brush your pet’s teeth with the same care that you brush your own. It’s recommended that you commence this exercise when your Pomeranian is still a puppy as this will help him adapt more quickly.
  • Eyes
    Most toy-sized dog breeds tend to have a lot of discharge from their eyes that can cause an eye infection due to bacteria. Thus, it’s important to clean the eye area of your pet.

     Since this breed is at high risk for developing tear strains, ensure that you gently wash the eye area when grooming him.

    Be sure to use a commercial Tear Cleanser or warm water to gently cleanse the eye region. Soap causes severe irritation and should never be used near the eyes.

 Pomeranian Clips

There are specific Pomeranian Hairstyles that can enhance the appearance of this breed.

They include:

  • the Lion Cut (as demonstrated in the first video at the top of this article)
  • the Shaved Look
  • the Teddy Bear Cut and naturally
  • the Groomed Look

See How to Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home

The video below also demonstrates a number of the basics involved in grooming a Pomeranian at home. For example, it includes:

  • Trimming nails as well as the dew claws – this video makes it look easy. Wow, how relaxed this Pomeranian looks during the nail-clipping session!
  • How to cut Pomeranian hair with scissors and avoid cutting into the undergrowth
  • How to trim the hair around your Pom’s feet
  • How to keep the legs fluffy but trimmed
  • How to trim around the back end
  • How to trim the tip of the tail – how to tidy up the tail hair
  • How to trim the hair around the ears
  • How to tidy any pieces of hair sticking out at the end

This is one of the better videos I have seen with respect to the groomer’s demonstration and detailed tips.

Pomeranian Grooming Tools

The tools used by the groomer in the video above include items similar to the following

  • A good pair of grooming scissors
  • A metal brush for dogs
  • A steel comb

You can find these items, pictured below, on Amazon.
Click on any one of these items (affiliate links) to see more details and/or to make a purchase:

The groomer recommends a smaller cat comb for the hair around the head and in particular the eyes.

And if you want to revisit the Lion cut, you can review the video at the beginning of this article.

Summing Up How to Groom a Pomeranian Yourself

A grooming schedule is a crucial aspect that comes with owning a Pom. So learning how to groom a Pomeranian the right way can make the time spent on your pet’s coat much more manageable. In fact this task can provide a great chance to spend some quality time with your Pom and a great opportunity to throw in some training along with the usual rewards that follow.

Devoting a few hours to grooming your Pom will keep him healthy, beautiful and help promote a deeper emotional bond between the two of you.

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  1. Do you trim the hair inside their ears? Or on the back of their ears?
    She is 4 months old so she does not need a full groom yet.
    She has had abath, blow dry. She has no tangles or mats.

    • Hi Diana,
      Your Pomeranian is still very young and it sounds like you are taking excellent care of her coat. If she has no mats then the long hair on the tips of her ears is probably free of her food bowl. That is the area that I would keep an eye on. But as for trimming the hair inside, I would generally leave that to your groomer or vet.
      There are times during a dog’s life when there might be a build up of grime just inside the ear. I’m about to add a video that demonstrates how a vet takes care of this, given the sensitive nature of ears. It is one area to be particularly careful of.
      But well done on keeping your young Pom so nicely groomed.


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