Finding the Best Dog Hair Dryer for Grooming

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Deciding which is the best dog dryer can be a time-consuming exercise because there are so many professional dog grooming blow dryers on the market.

Whilst clippers, brushes and shampoos are essential grooming aids, it is extremely difficult to complete the job properly without a good quality dog grooming dryer.

Look at the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) for an indication of how quickly you could dry your dog (and here your requirements would depend as well on the type of dog hair you are dealing with).

Flying Pig High Velocity Dog Pet Grooming Dryer w/Heater (Model: Flying One, Purple)

A Checklist for Buying the Best Dog Hair Dryer

First and foremost, you want a dryer that gets the job done, straight after you lift the dog out of the tub. You want a dryer that is comfortable for you and the dog, as well as relatively quiet.

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It is very important to make sure your dog’s hair is properly dried after his bath. Otherwise you could have a shivering, unhappy dog on your hands. Or worse, you could find your damp pooch drying herself off in a mound of dirt. Oops. Thus begins the whole bathing routine again.

Thorough drying goes hand-in-hand with all grooming routines. Depending on the type of coat your dog has, you will want to dry him well after every bath.

The following list can help to narrow down the field of possible dryer contenders and hopefully make your buying decision somewhat easier.


A relatively quiet clipper is a must-have. Even the best behaved canine customers can be skittish when it comes to having a hair trim.

Now of course all clippers will make a sound but depending on the material and construction, some clippers do run more quietly than others.


Go for clippers that are made of a non-rust material.

Check the customer comments left in the product feedback section . .. these always reveal the more durable brands as experienced by real users.


If you are a professional groomer, do you need to take your dryer with you? Is the dryer that you are considering portable enough?

Or, if you are a DIY dog owner, living in a small apartment, you might need to give consideration to storage availability. For example, a stand dryer might not be for you.

Correct Temperature

You need to consider your own pet here. Does your pooch suffer from allergies? If so, then skin sensitivity will be an issue. A dryer that blasts out hot air, without variable controls can be a problem.

Look for a dryer that allows you more control over the heat that is generated.

Ease of Cleaning

The filters will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid overheating on the unit.

Can you reach the filters easily?
Are the filters made of a sturdy material?


So, it is indeed a worthwhile exercise to research the different types of dog hair dryers.

But hopefully one of the dog dryers listed below can take some of the hard work out of the exercise for you. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see if a given dryer is up to the task.

Choosing the Best Dog Hair Dryer for Your Needs

All dogs have a better chance of looking their best, if they are well groomed. And of course, grooming a dog is much easier if you invest in the right grooming equipment.

This is why professional style blow dryers for dogs can prove to be a wise investment for groomers in particular.

It goes without saying that groomers need a top quality product, the top of the range professional dog hair dryer, to take care of thorough drying when each doggie client comes out of the grooming tub.

The right dog grooming dryer can be a huge time saver. Not to mention the fact that it will also ensure that your four legged fans are dried thoroughly; resulting in a soft, straight, clean and fluffy coat that provides an instant makeover!

If you are a professional groomer, then it is a given that you will need the right pet grooming dryer to make sure that you can groom each dog to his owner’s satisfaction.

If you are grooming your own dog, then it is essential to dry his coat completely after bathing him, as a wet, damp coat will attract dirt and get soiled in no time.

Different Types of Dog Hair Dryers

There are different types of dog grooming dryers available; but their main purpose remains the same.

Most dryers come with multiple settings that can be adjusted. These include temperature and speed settings.

Here is a brief description of some of the different dog dryers for sale at the moment:

Cabinet Pet Dryers or Cage Dog Hair Dryers

XPOWER X-430TF Pro 1/3 HP 2000 CFM Centrifugal Air Mover, Carpet Dryer, Floor Fan, Blower, Timer, Filter, for Water Damage Restoration, Janitorial, Plumbing, Home Use

Cabinet or cage dryers are used to dry pets in a confined space. The Xpower Multi Cage Dryer comes with 3 speed settings and is extra light. Its quietness is a huge bonus as many dogs become agitated simply from the noise of a dryer.

Thus, cabinet dryers probably make better dog dryers for animals that are edgy. They can be your answer for any kind of jittery pooch not to mention for younger dogs that are extra playful as well as for difficult-to-groom pooches and older dogs.

Stand Dryers for Dog Grooming

Stand dryers are very popular as well as versatile, complete with changeable speed and heat.

In most cases, the stand height can be adjusted to suit. You could use this type of dryer for a variety of dog coat lengths from Cocker Spaniels to Golden Retrievers.  Customers generally love the variable settings.

Master Equipment Flash Dry Control Stand Dryers Medium

When it comes to airflow and power capacity, these dryers are comparable to the dryer you use at home. However, they can be more versatile.

They come fitted with two knobs (for heat and air), making it easier to regulate the air and heat flow.

A typical fluff or stand dryer comes fixed on a stand.

These versatile stand dryers usually convert to a hands-free dryer or a nozzle dryer. Many come with more than one different nozzle. The hose attachments allow you to direct the airflow where you want.

Master Equipment FlashDry Stand Pet Dryer, Purple

Blaster Pet Dryers or Force Pet Dryers

Dog Hair Dryer, 3.8HP 2800W Pet Grooming Blower for Large Dogs Hair Force Blaster with Heat, Stepless Speed Adjustable Strong Power Wind, Yellow

These are forceful dryers and usually come with 3 standard settings – fast, faster and fastest. Some models give you an extra on/off switch.

There is no heating element in these dryers; the air gets warm with the heat generated in the motor while it is running.

The force dryer blows warm air out at high speed, leaving the coat absolutely dry.

It is said that this type of dryer can dry pet hair up to 75% faster.  Now that’s a huge increase in efficiency.

The advantage with force dryers is that they dry your pet in a matter of minutes as opposed to other dryers that can take much longer. The force of the air also removes shedding hair from the coat, making it easier to brush.

Other Dog Hair Dryers

For a huge catalog of dog dryers click on the following link:

Different Dog Hair Dryers (affiliate link)

Conclusion: Deciding on the Best Dog Dryer to Buy for Your Particular Needs

In this article we have looked at a number of different dog grooming dryers for sale.

So, what have we come up with?

When trying to find the ideal dog hair dryer for you, one that suits your needs, then look for one with higher (CFM) Cubic Feet/Min or (FPM) Feet/Min airflow. A pet blow dryer with higher CFM will blast more air and allow the coat to dry faster.

Also it is advisable to purchase a dryer with a cool air option, as using the dryer just on a heat setting alone can prove uncomfortable for most dogs.

We hope you have found this dog blow dryer discussion helpful with narrowing down which type you need.

If you already have a dog grooming blow dryer that you are happy with, let’s know in the comment section below.

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