How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers at Home

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One grooming task that needs to be done on a regular basis is that of clipping dogs’ nails. But if the trimmers become dull, then the task is all the more difficult. So this article will address how to sharpen dog nail clippers, especially at home.

If you are a dog groomer, then most likely you are  already very comfortable with the use of nail clippers.

If you are just starting out as a dog groomer, then you probably haven’t quite reached a level of confidence that allows you to feel completely comfortable when clipping your clients’ nails.

If you are a dog owner and have been grooming your dog at home then I’m sure you are no stranger to clipping your dog’s nails.

Either way, I’m sure you will have experienced clippers that are no longer as sharp as they should be. Blunt clippers can be a real problem and lead to pulling on the nail instead of neatlyclipping. To trim the nails of a dog effectively, you definitely need sharp clippers.

So how do you sharpen dog nail clippers? This is a question that is relevant to both groomers and owners doing their own grooming at home.

How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers Yourself

After being in use for some time, many clippers inevitably become dull and either require sharpening or replacing.

There are many different models of nail clippers but in most cases, when it comes to sharpening blades, the first step is to take the tool apart.

  1. If your clippers have an actuating lever design, be sure to remove the lever first. You can do this by pressing the two parts of the clippers together using a tool like pliers.
  2. Once you have removed the pin, you can separate the clipper blades.
  3. Proceed to gently sharpening each of the clipper blades using one of the tools mentioned below.
  4. Put the clippers back together again by reversing the steps you used to separate them.

Video Showing How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

There are also some excellent steps, in this article, that guide you through the process of sharpening your own dog nail clippers.

Tools to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

The tools that you can use for the task include:

  • a sharpening stone
  • a grinding stone
  • a diamond-tapered rod or
  • a ceramic rod

Depending on your preference or availability, you can use any of these tools to sharpen your clippers. Most of the time however, a fine grinding stone or a flat sharpening stone will do a satisfactory job.

Sharpening may not always be a permanent solution. In other words, clippers have a lifespan.

When clippers become worn out, they are more difficult to sharpen.

Thus, after a long period of use, your clippers may need to be replaced. One sign that clippers do in fact need replacing is when they wear out along the edges.

Replacing Your Dog Nail Clippers

Unfortunately, clipping the nails of a dog can be a little tricky. This is because a small mistake can cause you to hit a sensitive nerve or nick too deeply which can cause bleeding. This is where the right tools, in the best condition, come in.

Many people may encounter these types of difficulties, when trying to trim dog nails, because of the type of nail clippers they purchased in the first place. For example, the fancy looking grinder trimmers are often found to be wanting when it comes to trimming dog nails with ease. Many guillotine-type trimmers are difficult to use and can prove ineffective the moment they become dull.

Rather than risk causing injury to your dog by using worn out clippers, you need to sharpen as described above or start looking around for a new pair. Given how inexpensive dog nail clippers are, you would have to ask yourself whether or not sharpening is worth the trouble.

Fortunately, as mentioned, you can buy top quality dog nail clippers for very little cost.

It is best to buy trimmers that have a pliers-like appearance with relatively big handles and double cutting edges. These trimmers are not only safe to use, but also stay sharp for a longer period of time and are easier to use, as well as to sharpen if needed.

There are a number of good quality options available on Amazon that present good replacements for your old clippers:

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  2. I’m a beginner, grooming my own dog. She is a toy poodle. This information on how to sharpen dog nail clippers was very helpful

  3. With persistent use, the dog nail scissors get dull, so sharpen the scissors or replace the clippers when it damages the nails instead of actually cutting. With such a large number of kinds of dog nail scissors accessible in the market, every blade requires its own instrument for maintenance. Disassembling the device is the most basic step of sharpening.


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