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Dog Matting: Handling Matted Dog Hair with a Dematting Comb

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If you are a dog owner then it is more than likely that you have had to deal with matted dog hair on a number of occasions. And getting the tufts out can be uncomfortable for your dog and messy for your living area.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to remove dog hair from furniture, not to mention clothing.

So what really causes dog matting? Are you using the right grooming equipment and does it include a dematting comb? And most importantly, is there a way you can reduce the amount of matting in the first place or better yet prevent it all together?

The following article provides information on what you need to know about the causes of knots in your dog’s hair and information on how to remove them if matting does occur.

Matted Dog Hair

Dog matting usually occurs when your dog sheds hair that then remains in the coat, not having been removed by brushing. Over time the hair collects and forms a clump leading to matting.

Wondering why your Poodle is also matting? You thought Poodles are a non-shedding breed didn’t you? Well, all dogs shed to some extent, including Poodles. The new coat grows and gets entangled with the shaded hair forming clumps that can be quite hard to deal with. These can cause considerable pain to your dog when you do try to eliminate them with brushing. In fact in some cases, with some breeds, the only solution might be to shave the coat or the badly-affected areas.

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So how do you remove mats from dog hair to ensure you do not have to resort to such adverse solutions as shaving the coat?

How to Remove Mats from Dog Hair

There are several ways to deal with matted dog hair, for one, you could opt to use your hands and gently detangle matted hair that you find on your dog and then finish off the smaller tangles with a metal comb.

Alternatively, there are quite a number of detangling sprays on the market that work quite well on getting rid of hair mats. However, you should be quite cautious when choosing a detangling spray to ensure you do not harm your dog’s skin or beautiful coat of fur. In the case that the matting is too advanced you should consider seeking the help of a professional dog groomer to help you out. Keep in mind that the whole detangling process can be quite painful for your dog if the matting has built up over an extended period of time so you should expect some resistance.

Dematting Comb

In addition to having the necessary information on how to remove mats from dog hair, it is equally important for you to know the right dematting comb to use to make the whole process much easier.

A pin brush, with the round endings at the end of the bristles, tends to work best in teasing the hair apart and grabbing any knots. However you should start off with a shedding rake to detangle matted hair if possible. With its wide teeth you do not have to worry bout pulling your dogs hair too much. You can finish off the whole process with a flea comb to really get down to the root hair and rid your dog’s coat of any hair clumps.

Treatments to Help with Dematting Dog Hair

To facilitate the whole process there are some available dematting treatment options. The detangling pet spray can save you and your dog a lot of hassle. Lubricating and loosening the dematted dog hair will make combing much easier. There are also conditioners available that work to detangle the mats of hair.

Still, why wait until your dog’s hair is severely entangled? The problem can be prevented in the first place and thus save on costs and most importantly save your dog from pain. One easy way to prevent this matting of dog hair is to simply brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis and inspect it closely for any beginning signs of matting. You can use a steel comb to get rid if the discarded fur. The habit of regular brushing will be a time-saver in the end and of course will help minimize shedding inside the house as well as help to maintain a happy, healthy, groomed pet.

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