Best Grooming Scissors Sets for Pomeranian and Shih Tzu

If you’re a dog owner like me (I have a Keeshond, by the way), then you know just how important it is to have access to a great pair of dog grooming scissors. Sometimes a set is ideal to purchase so that you have choices but for many breeds you need to make sure that this includes at least some quality dog grooming thinning scissors so that you have more options for long haired dogs.

There’s nothing worse than trying to manage the job with half-blunt blades. This is not good for you or your dog, ouch!

Choosing a high-quality pair, however, is easier said than done. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of reviews, including some thinning shears for dogs, to give you a good reference point as to which brands are top-notch – and which ones are less so.

Read on to see which dog grooming scissors and shears might be right for you and your canine!

A Pomeranian Scissor Trim

Let’s see what type of scissors the groomer in this video has chosen for a scissor trim.

You can actually see a student groomer working with an experienced groomer which means the video abounds with lots of tips.

You can get some great tips on this groomer’s YouTube channel.

For other tips for this breed, you might like to read our article on how to groom a Pomeranian at home,

Grooming a Shih Tzu with Scissors

The following video demonstrates use of scissors on both a Shih Tzu and a Lhasa.

Hand scissoring works brilliantly for dogs that might be a bit skittish around electric clippers. This groomer shows how to effect that nice natural coat finish when you want to reduce the coat length just a little.

Scissors can help to neaten up that Shih Tzu Summer Cut.

How to Scissor the Havanese Head

Watch the following video while Snoopy, the Havanese, is scissored expertly. Actually, Snoopy is getting a head trim so the demo can really help those who feel challenged when clipping the head area.

The scissors chosen for this video are similar to these:

Geib Stainless Steel Crocodile Curved Pet Grooming Shears

You can get some tips on how to do other Havanese haircuts here.

Professional Dog Grooming Scissors for Sale

The ideal kind of grooming scissors set would include a handy zip up pouch or bag to hold thinning shears, regular cutting scissors, curved scissors, comb & in some cases, round tipped scissors for trimming around the eyes. The Trimmer set and scissors set listed at the bottom of this page is a good example.

So let’s check out what is available by way of kits and sets below.

Professional Pet Hair Grooming Scissors Kits

The blades of these scissors are made of Japanese stainless steel for improved longevity and performance. Additionally, the tips of the blades are rounded in order to avoid accidental damage to either you or your pet.

From PetMagasin comes this two-in-one pack of grooming scissors.

When I tried these scissors out at KeeKee’s (the aforementioned Keeshond) last grooming session, I found that they were quite effective at cutting through thick spots with ease.

+ Easy to control and maintain stability
+ Sharp and effective
+ Usable on pets of different sizes

– Small finger openings could present a problem
– Could be better for fine trimming

Last but not least are the Kenchii grooming shears. These are solid, durable, and stable scissors that will help you cut through even the thickest of winter coats.

Believe me, we tried these out ourselves, and they got the job done for us. You can’t go wrong with these grooming shears!

+ Will cut through just about anything
+ Guaranteed to feel very sturdy in your hand

– Slightly more expensive than average

Professional Grooming Scissors with Round Tip

Dog Trimmer Set

This set is impressively durable given the materials used in manufacture: stainless steel and titanium.

Professional Dog Grooming Scissors Set with Comb

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