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Your Dog Grooming Questions: Submit your Query Here

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What is it that you always wanted to know about dog grooming?

Are you thinking of becoming a groomer and thus have many burning questions spinning around in your head?

Or are you a dog owner, struggling with some aspect of grooming?

Perhaps you are thinking of buying a grooming product and want someone else’s opinion about it.

Perhaps you have some dog grooming questions about specific breeds.


You might have questions about which tools to use for grooming.

Either way, here is your chance.

You can view questions and answers in the comments section below.

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12 thoughts on “Your Dog Grooming Questions: Submit your Query Here”

  1. Question Submitted:
    What is the best way to train a puppy that was doing really well with obedience training in the beginning but now is not responding so well?

    The best resource I have come across that covers training puppies as well as adult dogs is the Secrets to Dog Training eBook (affiliate link). It is very comprehensive and has lots of great tips and illustrations.

    Plus the last time I looked, it came with a number of free bonuses such as a very useful training video and an audio book etc.

  2. Question Submitted:
    Is there a shampoo/conditioner that has a nice lasting smell?

    This product has been very popular with customers and it not only has a very favorable smell after the wash, it is very good for any kind of skin allergy or itch.
    Dog Shampoo & Conditioner 100% Natural (Affiliate Link)

    For a salon, where shampoos and conditioners need to be bought in larger quantities, these products have been very popular:
    TropiClean Papaya Plus Pet Shampoo with Oatmeal, 1-Gallon (Affiliate Link)

    In particular, this one fot the perfumed smell it leaves behind:
    Perfect Coat Natural Oatmeal Shampoo, French Vanilla, 64-Ounce (Affiliate Link)

  3. Question Submitted
    Why do some clippers pull hair instead of cutting it?

    This is usually an indication that the blades need sharpening OR that the blades have become dull from a build up of dirt and hair over time.

    If you know that your blades are sharp or they have just been sharpened, then check that you have the right size blade for the length of dog hair that you are clipping. There is an excellent guide here that lists the different blade sizes that are recommended for different breeds.

    Blades also need to be oiled. Some suggest after every 10 minutes of time spent clipping but this would depend on the length of hair you are clipping etc.

    If you suspect a build up of hair and grime, which can cause the blades to become dull, then you can clean them with a toothbrush to get all the hair particles out. Follow up with an oiling.

    If it is still a problem, once you have ruled out the above listed possibilities, then I would contact the manufacturer as it could be a one-off issue with your particular set of clippers.

  4. 9pound poodle, 15 months old went for secnd grooming; came home and seemed depressed, won’t eat, now 2 days, drinks a little water; walks about 10 feet and wants to sit; licks her private parts more than usual; won’t play with toys, very unusual;
    any suggestions?
    thank you

  5. A veterinarian should be consulted straight away any time a dog appears off color or stressed or unwell. You could also check with the groomer to see if he/she noticed any unusual behavior at the time. But definitely take your Poodle to your Vet.

  6. Question Submitted:
    Are Groomers allowed to take and post pictures of the dogs onto their record card?
    I’m not aware of any laws governing this but I think it is common courtesy to ask the owner first. I would imagine most owners would be happy to oblige.

  7. Question Submitted:
    I have an 8 year old Puggle with a normal coat like that of a Beagle, flat hair with spring time shedding. In the Spring of 2016 when he began to shed after winter, the coat just puffed up and became very fluffy and puffy. The shedding multiplied and nothing would stop it.
    This has continued all through the rest of 2016 and right through to today. Nothing has changed his coat back to normal or stopped the piles of shedding. Can anyone give a reason WHY or how to get his coat back to normal? I’m up to my ears in hair, hair everywhere.

    A solution here requires an intensive and regular grooming routine.
    An approach that has worked for other Puggle owners:

    1. Make sure that you have either a good quality FURminator (Affiliate Link) or many prefer the ZoomGroom, Dog Grooming Brush (Affiliate Links)
    2. Give him a good bath (or bathing spray if you prefer) such that his hair/fur is thoroughly wet. The loose hair, that is now wet, becomes obvious.
    3. If you are using the ZoomGroom, which others have described as having a magical affect, then brush the wet hair thoroughly.Finish off with some grooming wipes and then dry.
      If you are using a FURminator, dry completely after bathing then brush with the FURminator. This takes care of a lot of the undercoat. Brush again the next day to remove additional undercoat. After that brush at least weekly.

    Let’s know how you get on with your Puggle’s shedding now.

  8. I have done this Bath and furminator thing at least 3 times and still mountains of hair and still puffy hair. I have a comb, a detangling brush, and the furminator, the ‘bumpy’ scrubbers for the bath. Mountains of hair left in the tub after a bath, and still shedding. NOTHING works. Very baffling after all this time, where did this come from? One thing I can’t do is the dryer. He goes ballistic over noisy machines and wonder if this may come from the puppy mill days. The groomers all want to do the bath and dryer thing but just won’t happen and don’t want to even try. He hates brooms, mops, plastic bags, etc. and all I can think of is ‘torture’ in the Mill. Would hope to be wrong, but two years in a cage, so VERY strong reaction to motors, even a man’s shaver.

  9. Hi Cheryl,
    So sorry to hear about the fears your little dog has, seemingly as a result of the puppy mill!

    Re. the hair shedding problem, it looks as though you have tried all of the usual solutions. So, I think it is time to consult a Vet. Perhaps nervousness is leading to an allergic type reaction. Perhaps there is some other health-related issue. Either way, I would let your Vet take a look at him.

    Keep us posted.

  10. If a dachshund has flaky dry itchy skin and has an allergy to fleas what steps would you take in bathing this dog.

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