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Pekingese Grooming and Haircuts

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The Pekingese history, can be traced back to early China. Around the early 1900s the breed became popular in other countries in western regions, often proving popular with celebrities and the like. But what about today? Are you used to seeing the Pekingese Teddy Bear Cut or the Lion Cut. Perhaps you prefer a different style altogether for your Peke.

Pekingese Grooming
Image by cortez13 from Pixabay

This is a very popular dog breed, not only because of its cute appearance but also because of its temperament.

One could be excused for assuming that little toy dog varieties are also dainty and subdued.

Well, the Pekingese breed, while cute and dainty, is a very proud dog that carries itself assuredly and can be quite stubborn in a number of ways. But you can expect most Pekingese to be content to sit quietly around the house, preferably on a fluffy pillow.  However, bring out the toys and you will have a very playful, entertaining little dog on your hands. 

The somewhat sensitive Pekingese doesn’t take kindly to any kind of rough play so perhaps this breed is not so suitable around very young children. Watch your hands too if you decide that he has had enough to eat and go to remove his bowl before he has devoured the whole lot. 

The Pekingese Coat: Short Hair or Long?

You are probably most familiar with the long haired variety as they tend to be more popular among breeders and in showing circles. But there is also a shorter variety, perhaps more like that of a spaniel. 

But regardless of the coat length, there is no mistaking the typical look of the characteristic Pekingese flattish face with its cute little black nose and huge eyes.

And of course, the typical Pekingese, being low to the ground, runs or walks with a type of waddle.

You can expect to find a variety of colors in this breed from tan and black to more reddish colors and sable or even a creamy color. If you ask someone for another color name for sable you will most likely receive a number of varying replies but perhaps it helps to know that the word sable comes from French and means sand.

Are Pekingese Hypoallergenic?

Dogs that don’t shed are described as hypoallergenic. Of course “no shedding” is probably a misnomer as all dogs lose some degree of hair but little to very little shedding would classify a dog breed as hypoallergenic. 

And who benefits from a “non” shedding dog breed? Allergy sufferers as well as a dog owner with an inside pet. 

Breeds that typically come under this heading would include:

I’m afraid the Pekingese breed is not on this list. You can expect a lot of shedding from your Peke.

Pekingese Dog Shedding

So regardless of the coat length and color, you can expect this breed to shed and shed considerably. This means you really need the right kind of tools to keep on top of a healthy Peke coat.

A shedding comb (affiliate link) goes a long way towards managing loose, falling hair as well as helping to keep mats at bay.

You can also tackle the problem ‘from the inside’. Promoting optimal health with nutrition, exercise and cleanliness is to be aimed for anyway but if your routine can lessen the degree of shedding then all the better.

Here is a product that you might find useful in this department:

Healthy Breeds Pekingese Salmon Oil Soft Chews 120 Count

Tackling Matts

So before we look at some of the popular haircuts for Pekingese, let’s look at a video that will help out with matting.

Grooming A Matted Pekingese Dog

Tools for Managing Pekingese Haircuts

Whether you are a professional groomer in a salon or a DIY dog owner, then the right tools make a huge difference. I can attest to the fact that the wrong clippers can make life very difficult for both you and your pet. 

How to trim your Pekingese will depend largely on whether or not yours is mixed with another breed. For example you might have a Pekingese Pug or Poodle cross in which case you can use clippers generally considered suitable for that particular breed.

Andis 24715 Professional UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper – Rotary Motor with Shatter-Proof Housing, Runs Calm & Silent, 14-Inch Cord – for All Coats & Breeds – 120 Volts, Green

If you happen to have a nervous or skittish Peke, then it pays to look for relatively quiet clippers.

Low Noise Dog Grooming Clippers (affiliate link)

But before you go down the track of clipping you need to make sure that the coat is really clean and free of knots and mats. A good pet shampoo and conditioner can do the trick here.

And of course you want to make sure that the coat is thoroughly dried after bathing. 

Dog Hair Dryer (affiliate link)

Pekingese Eyes

If you have a flat-faced breed, such as the Pekingese, then you need to be very protective of their eyes, particularly given that the eye sockets tend to be quite shallow. Everyone is very aware of the characteristic big, round eyes of this breed. 

I suggest a regular vet visit, or a trip to a veterinary ophthalmologist, to make particularly sure that no eye problem goes unnoticed.  It can be easy to assume that an unidentified problem is simply a characteristic of this eye-bulging dog breed.

Be vigilant for any kind of eye weeping in your Peke. You might notice some kind of discharge that then dries to a crusty-like appearance on the eye lids.  This usually results in your Peke rubbing his eyes via any means he can, such as against furniture, against your legs or scratching with his paws,

There are many medical terms that you may have read about or heard from your vet or other Pekingese friends, terms such as Conjunctivitis, Entropion, Blepharitis. But you don’t need to be skilled in diagnosis, simply alert to any kind of discomfort around your Peke’s eyes. As soon as you notice that things are not quite right, it’s time for a vet visit.

Different Hairstyles for Pekingese

Pekes have a beautiful coat but for most owners, letting it grow long is not an option, given the amount of grooming care required with a longer-coated breed.  Matting or knotting can be huge problem to mention just one.

So what choices do owners have when it comes to Peke hairstyles? Here are a few for you to consider.

A Basic Pekingese Trim

This video demonstrates how to trim the feet and legs at home, getting a nice even length in the coat.

Grooming Guide – Full Grooming Pekingese #38

Pekingese Lion Cut

Some like to think that this cut suitably reflects the nature of their Peke, namely somewhat of a plucky, fearless little creature. As its name suggests, this style resembles that of a lion. 

Pekingese Teddy Bear Cut

This cut normally refers to an all-round trim.

You can produce the Teddy Bear cut effect with scissoring but believe you me, that is a lot of work, not to mention the skill required to make the cut look even and professional. 

PetGroooming – Never Shave Down your Pekingese

The Teddy Bear Cut is also popular for the Havanese breed. And then we also have the Teddy Bear Cut Cockapoo style so you can see that this is one hairstyle that is very popular among dog owners. And of course, let’s not forget about the Teddy Bear cut Maltese style.

Books on Pekingese Care

So have fun with your adorable little Pekingese and if you need any additional tips here are some books (affiliate links) that you can refer to:

Pampering Dogs