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Interview with WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy

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This post continues our series of very interesting interviews with dog groomers working in the field.  What better way to find out what it would be like to work as a pet groomer!

This interview is with Kim Dean from a Dog Grooming Academy in Western Australia. You can find details of this business and website at the end of this interview.

Interview with WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy

  1. I have a lot of readers who are thinking of becoming dog groomers.  What qualifications do they need to have in Australia (Western Australia)?
    None is required.  However, we can offer a Certificate 3 in Pet Grooming and Styling in conjunction with an International Grooming Company.

    What regulations do they need to meet (certification/councils/insurances etc.)?
    It is advisable to have professional indemnity/dog groomer’s insurance. You need to abide by the Dog Act.

    Is there a range of salary that they could reasonably expect in Australia (working for a salon/running their own business)?
    Working in a salon as an employed groomer you would start on the ordinary award rate.  Anything more than that is determined by your skill level, qualifications and experience.  Working mobile it would depend on many things such as how fast you are, what types of dogs come across the table or how well you promote your business.  Roughly anywhere from $35,000 to $80,000.  Plus mobile groomers can make income selling products retail to clients.

  2. Could you tell us about how you became a dog groomer?
    Did you do a course or take an apprenticeship or was it on-the-job training?
    I knew a friend who was a lot older than me through our interest in horses. She was a dog groomer and I was offered a job straight from school and was offered to train for my city and guilds certificate which was on the job training for 2 years.  You can do on-the-job training, complete the Certificate 3 as mentioned above, complete an online correspondence course.  WA Grooming Academy also offers a 1:1 12 day certificate in grooming which is very hands on.

    How long did the course/training take?
    4 Weeks practical for the Certificate 3, 12 days for the 1:1 training or it can vary if you are training on the job.

    Do you have any recommendations for others wanting to train to be a dog groomer?

    Wherever you decide to train, make sure it is with a qualified, certified groomer, instructor.

  3. I see from your website that you also offer grooming and clipping training.
    Yes we are a grooming school teaching beginners to groom their own pet:

    • Full day advanced training to improve scissor skills, hand stripping, and breed Clips.
    • Hydro Bath training days for dog washing business.
    • And this year we will be offering workshops to improve grooming skills
  4. What should people look for in a dog grooming course? I think its very important that wherever you go that they are certified. We have become the first accredited grooming Salon / School in Western Australia through PIAA. In 2002 we won micro small business.
    What does your training offer? (I see you also offer accommodation .. good idea.)
    Yes we cater for country, or overseas students. We are a very one on one training school working on 5 dogs per day and some cat clipping. Each student is under full supervision hands on.
  5. Your course includes basic Poodle grooming. We have a lot of readers looking for help with grooming Poodles and Cockapoos. Do you have any advice on mastering grooming of specialty breeds?
    I think it is important to check that they have the right brush & comb and are shown how to maintain the coat daily by a dog groomer who is certified. Pet shop owners are only looking for a sale and so many times I find that the brush sold to them for their pet is not always the right one.
  6. Are there any other tips you have for want-to-be dog groomers and/or for dog owners doing their own grooming?
    It is very important to brush your dog’s coat before you wash and don’t forget to condition as it helps keep out knots and tangles.


Thanks so much Kim for taking the time to provide this very interesting  interview!! This is the kind of information that really helps want-to-be groomers.

Bio: WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy

Unit 4/23
Gillam Drive
Kelmscott 6111
Western Australia
Ph: 08 93901009

If you have a question that you would like to ask, please feel free to leave a comment below.

 ~ DGCO & WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy ~

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