4 Types of Jobs for Dog Lovers Who Want to Work with Dogs

Dog Walking Job

Talk to any dog lover who has a job working with dogs and you will find someone who knows the true meaning of job satisfaction. Their canine clients, whilst sometimes challenging, are endlessly affectionate, lovable and rewarding. You would be surprised by the variety of in-demand jobs for dog lovers. If you can imagine yourself in a job that involves working with dogs, read on to see some options that are available to you.

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Dog Groomer Accessories for the Pet Grooming Salon

Aside from the usual pet grooming tools, there are a number of other items that go a long way towards making your business more professional or can I say a ‘cut above the rest’. The right salon accessories can help make your job, as a groomer, a little easier.

These items would include management tools as well as beautification touches.

But first let’s make sure that our must-have list of equipment is covered with a handy checklist below.

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Dog Grooming Business Cards & Pet Grooming Appointment Books

We have talked a lot about the tools and equipment that you would need when working as a dog groomer. What we haven’t talked about yet is what you need in the office itself. For example, have you thought about pet vacuums or dog hair ribbons or dog grooming business cards?

What are the administration type tools that would be essential in a salon? Alternatively, what does a mobile groomer need to manage a mobile grooming business?

Dog Grooming Business Cards

You might prefer hard copies of everything or you might prefer to go the tech route and set yourself up with some pretty nifty salon management software. Either way, you will want to have some cute, eye-catching reminder cards to send home with your repeat clients.

So, let’s see what is available on both sides of the ledger when shopping online.

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The 2017 Dog Grooming Industry –Dog Grooming Career Outlook

It would come as no surprise to learn that more and more people are becoming pet owners.

In the United States, dog ownership has increased from 68 million in 2000 to 78 million in 2012. This is according to the IPPTS Dog Grooming Industry Report 2017, a report that also looks at the growth and career outlook for the year.

Drying a dog after a bath

An encouraging takeaway from the report, for current and aspiring dog groomers, is the fact that spending on pets has increased. More money is being spent per pet than at any other time. This is largely as a result of pet owners seeking additional grooming services for their dogs and this would be across the whole spectrum of different breeds that require grooming on a regular basis.

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Dog Grooming School – Find Grooming Classes Near You

Dog Grooming Certificate

As a dog groomer, you will be expected to be skilled in a whole range of tasks, from clipping nails to mastering different breed cuts such as that required for Poodle styles or for Cockapoo styles.

A reputable course can be just the ticket when it comes to getting your education as a pet groomer.

You can find many courses located throughout the States, the UK, Australia and many other countries.

Alternatively you can learn many of the skills online or via videos as well as gain a lot of excellent tips from book.

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