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Bichon Grooming Tips – Bichon Frise Grooming Tools & Coat Kit

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The Bichon Frise is a sweet, lively little dog that originated somewhere in the Mediterranean around the 13th century. This is a good breed for people who are allergic to dogs, because there is generally little to no shedding and thus little to cause allergies.

Even though Bichon Frise are generally non-shedding, a grooming routine should still be done on a regular basis. This is because these dogs not only have a beautiful, fluffy top coat, but a soft and dense undercoat as well. You can read about the difference between double and single coat breeds here.

How to Start Grooming a Bichon Frise

Like every dog, a Bichon Frise should become used to grooming when it’s a puppy. Regular grooming and handling will help it bond with its owner, and will help it be more relaxed around a professional dog groomer.

Another benefit of regular Bichon Frise grooming is that the owner can check the little dog’s health.

Bichons will start off being groomed on their owner’s lap, but eventually they’ll have to be put on a grooming table. At first these sessions shouldn’t be more than ten or fifteen minutes long, and if the Bichon is as energetic as they often are, it should be scheduled after a walk or some strenuous play time.

The owner should lavishly praise the dog for standing still and at the end give it an especially delicious treat. You can learn what is required for Bichon grooming quite quickly with the help of these pointers.

Bichon Frise Grooming Tools

Groomers generally require a wide range of dog grooming equipment. But the tools needed for Bichon Frise grooming specifically include the following (affiliate links)

This coat care kit can save you time shopping for the essentials:

If you have the right equipment to start off with, you will find grooming a Bichon much more manageable.

Managing Bichon Frise Grooming at Home

Brushing a Bichon Frise

The owner or groomer should brush all along and around the dog’s body and start at the same place every time so no spots are missed. Brushing dogs usually involves going with the grain of the coat, but the Bichon can be brushed against the grain, so that its fur is fluffed. Brush all the way to the skin and don’t neglect places behind the ears, tail and armpits, where matting can occur.

Combing the Bichon Coat

After brushing, use the comb to see if any tangles or mats remain. If you find any, gently work them out, using either the fingers, or the end of the comb. Professional groomers use mat combs, which are quite sharp and should be used with care. The groomer should teach the owner how to use this tool the right way.

Taking Care of Bichon Frise Tear Staining

Bichon Frises, like other Bichon dogs, are susceptible to tear staining. Use a damp cotton swab to remove the stain.

Trimming Bichon Nails

The Bichon’s nails should also be kept trimmed. The owner can start with human nail clippers and just snip off the very end of the nail. Later, the Bichon should get a monthly pedicure at the groomer’s.

Cleaning Bichon Ears

The Bichon’s ears should also be cleaned as part of your grooming routine. The owner should use a cotton ball or soft tissue moistened with ear cleanser made for dogs and very gently clean wax and dirt out of the ear. Don’t use cotton tipped swabs because it’s too easy to poke them into the dog’s ear and cause injury. Hair inside the Bichon’s ears can be clipped with scissors, or plucked out.

Brushing Bichon Teeth

The Bichon’s teeth should be brushed every day. There are actually doggy toothbrushes or little finger booties the owner can use to do this, along with doggy toothpaste, which tastes like beef or chicken.

When to Attend a Salon for Bichon Frise Grooming

A Bichon Frise should have its first visit with a professional groomer when it’s between two and three months old, before it has its second series of shots.

Gifts for the Bicon Frise Owner

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