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How to Groom a Goldendoodle: Tips on Grooming a Goldendoodle

Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

The Goldendoodle Crossbreed

As the name suggests, this designer breed is the result of crossing a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. An affectionate dog, the average Goldendoodle is proving to be very popular as a family dog.  You only have to look at the ‘Groodle’ in the video below to see how placid this breed can be.

This breed heralds back to the early 1990s so i hasn’t been around for a long, long time.

Of interest is the fact that this breed is even being used in certain service capacities, such as therapy dogs and guide dogs.

The Goldendoodle Coat

The amount of shedding that you can expect with this hybrid breed can vary considerably. On the one hand, some seem to shed more than expected but others are, as expected from the Poodle heritage, light shedding. Either way, make sure you have a good pet vacuum on hand, even if it is just for cleaning up after brushing and clipping.

Either way, this is a dog breed that should be groomed regularly. Believe it or not,low shedding breeds tend to require more grooming than breeds that shed profusely.

And such a grooming routine would need to include bathing, brushing and clipping.

How to Manage Goldendoodle Haircuts

In the video featured in the next section, you can follow along while a Doodle is given a puppy cut, on of the many popular Goldendoodle Haircuts. This guide is especially useful for any of you wishing to economise on grooming costs by doing your own grooming at home.

Tools used in the video include:

  • The popular Wahl adjustable clippers.

If you have been researching the best clippers for Goldendoodles, then you will be interested to see from the video below just how smoothly these clippers glide through the Goldendoodle’s hair.

  • Clipper Oil

  • Grooming Scissors

  • Clipper Combs

A Grooming Video – How to Clip a Goldendoodle

As you can seem from the video,  the Goldendoodle is no small breed. But of course you already know this if you have arrived at this site, searching for tips on how to groom your own Goldendoodle.

As advised in the video, it’s a good idea to wear appropriate grooming gear, such as a grooming smock, so as to avoid having to pluck out endless strands of hair from socks or woolens.

With this breed you will do well to have a good pet hair vacuum on hand.

It’s a good idea to give your Goldendoodle a bath before starting the clipping process so as to minimise snagging your clippers on mats or tangled hair.

The clipping procedure demonstrated in the video includes:

1. Trimming with Wahl clippers:

  • Along the back – how to groom with the growth
  • Down the sides (either side of the belly)
  • Down the legs.
  • Under the ears
  • Under the neck
  • Down the bottom area

2. Trimming with pet scissors:

  • Around the eyes – a tricky area on any breed
  • Around the mouth and under the chin
  • Around the neck area
  • Around the cheeks
  • Around the forehead area
  • Around the ears – how to get the angle right – how to cut behind the ears
  • Down the paws

3. Finishing off with clippers

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