Types of Pet Grooming Tables for Sale: Salon or Home Use

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Grooming Essentials

Regardless of whether you are a conscientious pet owner who chooses to groom your own pet or a professional dog groomer, having the right tools and dog grooming equipment is essential.

There are many different dog grooming tables on the market and in order to choose the right grooming table for you and your pet (or the pets you will be grooming if you are a professional) it is important to know the different types of grooming tables available and the advantages of each.

There are a number of factors you should take into consideration in your search for the right table. These include safety issues, convenience factors and cleanliness considerations. 

You can read about each of these concerns in more detail here: Choosing the Right Dog Table.

Dog Grooming Table Categories

  • Manual Grooming Tables:
    This type of dog grooming table is foldable[ for easy storage. You can easily change the table height through adjustments on the legs. This is one of the least expensive tables and may be an excellent choice for at -home use, or in cases where the table needs to be moved frequently or if cost is a concern.  
  • Electric Grooming Tables:
    In this case, just by pushing a button, you can adjust the table to your preferred height. Whilst they tend to be more expensive than manual tables, these tables are incredibly convenient and easy to operate.  
  • Hydraulic Grooming Tables:
    The height of this type of table is adjusted via a foot pump. As you would expect, hydraulic grooming tables can prove to be more expensive, depending on the type you choose.

Comparison of Top Quality Grooming Tables

You can access more detail on each of these tables via the links below.

1. Master Equipment Grooming Table

Type: Manual – Adjustable/Foldable
Surface: Laminated wood composite top with non-slip pebbled rubber surface
Body Style/Construction: Goal post style legs; powder coated tubular steel; edge trimmed in protective aluminum molding
Measurement: 36″ 
Attachments Included: Grooming arm and grooming loop
Color: Fashion colors – purple, pink or blue
Safety/Special Features: Stable; thick rubber leg caps keep table from moving; non-slip surface

Most agree that the Master Equipment pet folding grooming table is up to the job. It offers stability, well designed construction, easy set up and is also attractive.

Read a more detailed review here.

2. ComfortGroom Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table

Type: Electric
Surface: Waterproof high density board with non-skid texturized rubber surface; thin foam layer on underside of the table top for added comfort
Body Style/Construction: Accordion style frame; heavy duty steel construction and painted with scratch-resistant Hammer paint finish; rounded corners; lifetime warranty on frame/two-year warranty on motor
Measurement: 42″ length x 24″ width; electric height adjustment of 10″ to 48″ with foot remote (attached to both sides of base) which slides in and out
Attachments Included: None (grooming arm compatible)
Color: Black
Safety/Special Features: Non-slip surface; lockable table top; removable table top for easy cleaning; corner grooming hooks for added convenience of hanging shears or clippers

I would expect that groomers who use the accordion style ComfortGroom table would absolutely love the quality and functionality of this table. A great feature is that the foot pedal slides under the unit so you don’t accidentally step on it. Dog groomers love the quiet operation and smooth, slow movement of the lift which helps the dogs to feel more comfortable and instills in them the confidence that they are secure.

If you have already found a favorite pet grooming table please share your views on it via the comments section below.  

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