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Airedale Terrier Haircut Tips Including Face Grooming

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Airedale terriers are one of those breeds that probably match your ‘stereotypical’ idea of how a terrier is expected to look. Their long snout and characteristic curls set them apart and are likely to get you the occasional “Your dog is so cute.” from a passerby or neighbor. However, this breed has specific grooming needs, so read on for some Airedale Terrier haircut tips.

Airedale Terrier Coat Type

The adorable tan and black (with occasional red) coat of the Airedale is composed of two layers.

The top coat is dense and wiry while the bottom coat is short and soft. This terrier’s coat will shed a few times a year, but with regular brushing this should be minimal.

Airedale Terrier Grooming Tips
Airedale Terrier Grooming – Image by Daniel Hedrich from Pixabay 

The Airedale is not known for massive amounts of shedding. However, an Airedale Terrier grooming guide would not be complete without mentioning that regular brushing of this breed can help those in the family with allergies.

Additionally, regular bathing and breaking up of matted fur will keep your furry friend the best looking terrier on the block.

Airedale Terrier Grooming Requirements

Luckily, an Airedale Terrier grooming guide can be kept relatively brief. This is one breed that is ideal for a family looking for a low maintenance breed.

The double coat of the terrier, made up of curly fur, makes for easy care. Some dog owners who may choose to tackle grooming tasks themselves. Others may find a mere 3-4 trips a year to a professional groomer are sufficient to keep their pet looking as handsome as ever.

As mentioned above, regular brushing (some professionals recommend at least weekly) and bathing of your Airedale Terrier will keep her comfortable.

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With respect to the fur-parents deciding against getting their Airedales professionally groomed, removing matted fur becomes even more important. And of course, the home-groomed terrier will tend to have a longer, more shaggy and wiry haired appearance.

Airedale Terrier Haircut Styles

Those who take their pup to the professional groomer will find there are a few hairstyles that the groomer might consider:

  • They may choose a typical Airedale Breed Cut.
    In that case, your dog would look more like the breed standard.
  • A Puppy Cut would leave the fur curly and 1-2 inches in length.
    Despite the name, a Puppy Cut is not restricted to young dogs. It is simply a style to make your furry friend look more youthful.
  • Then there is the Shaggy Cut.
    The Shaggy Cut will look similar to an Airedale that is not professionally groomed, but will be sure to get rid of matted fur problems common with this curly-haired breed.

How to Do An Airedale Terrier Cut Yourself

Many Airedale owners like to tackle clipping themselves. This is certainly possible. But I highly recommend watching a few videos first, preferably videos that show a professional groomer at work.

I particularly like, in the following video, how you can see the before and after shots of this beautiful Airedale Terrier. So, you know up front what to expect.

Airedale Grooming – Clipping (1/6) – Rough Clip of Body and Chest

Clipping the Airedale Terrier Head

Many owners are a little nervous when it comes to clipping any dog’s head, particularly around the eye area. Here is a video with some excellent tips on how to go about clipping the Airedale head.

Airedale Grooming – Clipping (2/6) – Rough Clip of the Head

Airedale Face Grooming Tips

Airedale Grooming – Clipping (4/6) – Scissoring of the Head

Airedale Terrier Grooming Tools

If you choose to attempt to groom your dog in a pseudo-professional manner at home, you will want to invest in some appropriate grooming tools, such as those listed below:

  • A grooming table
  • Electric clippers
  • Different blades for clipping different parts of the body
  • Products to keep your blades and clippers clean, sanitized and in good working order
  • A variety of scissors, combs and brushes
  • A stripping knife
  • Nail trimmers
  • Shampoos and
  • Ear cleaners

Grooming Clippers for Dog Clipping (Affiliate Link)

Keep in mind that you may need to express the anal glands if doing your own grooming. This is what a professional groomer would take care of. It does sound daunting, I know. That is one reason why many Airedale owners end up opting for getting their pup professionally groomed, at least every now and then.

Pros and Cons of the Airedale Terrier Breed

These beautiful pups are full of energy, so it may not be the best breed for a more laid-back family.

Airedale Terriers are also known for being intelligent. A good fit for this curious breed would be an owner who is happy to teach tricks and commands. Dog obedience lessons would encourage use of the terrier’s intelligence.

Many families love having these dogs as pets because they are so friendly and readily become a loyal member of the family.

As we know, they are also relatively low maintenance in overall grooming needs. Many require just the weekly brushing and 3-4 grooming trips a year as mentioned in this guide.

Given their propensity for minimal shedding, this breed is a great option for families with allergies.

They grow to be approximately 50-70 pounds and can live 11-14 years, making them a sturdy dog that will be around to see a family grow up.

Hopefully this Airedale Terrier grooming guide has shown that this is an iconic breed that is great for an active family willing to take the time needed to keep their pup healthy, engaged and looking as handsome as ever.

If you are interested in Terriers in general, you might like to look at our article on West Highland Terriers or read up on Welsh Terrier grooming or perhaps the Bedlington Terrier Grooming Guide.


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