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How to Groom a Welsh Terrier

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The Welsh Terrier dog breed is native to Wales. It was during the mid-1900s that it became very popular among dog enthusiasts living in western countries.

The Welsh Terrier Temperament

One can expect the majority of terriers not to be as hot-tempered as other similar breeds. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and they have immense love and affection for their owners.

These creatures are full of life and love to entertain people around them.

Welsh Terrier Grooming Guide

Welsh Terrier Coat Texture and Color

When we work on dog care and grooming, it is important to study the texture of the coat. This particular breed sports two different layers of coats. The inner layer is soft and fine while, by contrast, the outer coat is coarse and wiry.

Ideally, you get to see different colored coats in the majority of small and medium sized dog breeds. However, it is not the case with the Welsh Terrier.

The coat of Welsh Terriers is always of the same color pattern; tan and black. Apart from the same color scheme, the signature look of a typical Welsh Terrier breed includes bushy brows, v-shaped ears and tiny almond eyes that are usually brown.

These features need to be considered while grooming these pets.

Welsh Terrier Haircut Styling

There is no doubt that the Welsh Terrier is a popular breed which is loved by many because of its intelligence and cheerful nature. The Welsh Terrier breed, while rugged and sturdy, is an enthusiastic and feisty canine and makes for a great family dog.

But are there different styles for this breed or do we tend to stick to the conventional terrier style that we are used to seeing.

Let’s watch a groomer at work as she demonstrates. She also covers the tricky off-putting task of Welsh Terrier head grooming.

Super Styling Session Welsh Terrier Grooming Tips

Now let’s take a look at a Winter Trim. As the name suggests, your Welsh Terrier is left with some welcoming warm Winter growth.


When it comes to this breed, grooming is a vital part of their care and maintenance. In this article, we will discuss some useful tips on how to groom your Welsh Terrier properly.

Welsh Terriers Shedding – True or False?

All Welsh Terriers are born with a pure black coat and within a year, the color of their coat changes into black and tan.

Ideally, Welsh Terriers are hypoallergenic as they do not shed much hair.

Still, their coat requires frequent hand stripping and simple brushing to groom them.

Considering their playful nature, Welsh Terriers love to play outside in all types of weather. Their sturdy double coat helps them have fun without any excessive shedding or discomfort.

Although their short and wiry coat does not require much grooming, I suggest however that you take regular care and maintenance in order to keep your Welshie looking his best.

Tools for Welsh Terrier Grooming

It does not matter if you are an experienced groomer or not; you need to use appropriate grooming tools to groom your dog.

Trust me, with the proper tools (affiliate links below); you can master hair cutting and trims in no time at all. And with the wrong clippers, you can turn the entire grooming session into an unpleasant experience for you and your beloved pooch.

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Brushing and Combing

Despite their rugged appearances, the double coat of Welsh Terriers requires frequent brushing. If you ignore this important dog grooming ritual, your dog might end up looking like a walking rug!

Despite the sturdy texture of their coat, this breed does require frequent brushing to avoid knots and tangles.

I would recommend a slicker brush or a smooth metal comb for detangling and removing dead hair.

Try to use an organic detangling and conditioning spray while brushing your dog's hair to avoid damaging his coat.

Grooming Tips for the Welsh Terrier breed

Frequent brushing is a great way to remove dead hair. However, the hair completely dies at least once or twice a year. Since the hair does not fall out on its own, you need to do it manually and pluck the hair out yourself to remove the dead hair.

Stripping knives come in really handy to do this job. But you need to do it with extra care, and attention as these knives can be sharp.

Using dog clippers to trim the coat before using a stripping knife is a great way to make the entire grooming procedure faster and easier. Still, you need to be attentive while stripping and clipping your dog. As this can be tricky if you are new to this, try getting some help from a professional groomer to learn how to use clippers and/or stripping knives properly on your Welshie.

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Ears, Eyes and Nose

Dog grooming isn't limited to just hair care. You need to check on your dog's ears, eyes and nose too. While brushing your Welshie, check his ears from inside and look for any unusual smell or redness. You can use a damp cotton ball to clean his ears and get rid of excess wax and dirt.

Following the same method, you can clean any discharge from your dog's eyes and nose with a damp cotton ball.

Clipping a Welsh Terrier

Watch a groomer at work in this video demonstrating a Welsh Terrier trim.

Welsh Terrier Trim - Groomers Gallery Preview

In Conclusion

Being spunky and energetic, the Welsh Terrier is perfect for families with very young kids. Small dogs are often considered to be yappy and hyperactive. But this breed is hardly ever snappy or annoying.

Welsh Terriers may be small dogs, but they are smart, confident and do not crave for a lot of time or attention.

Article by Jessica Stone

Welsh Terrier Gifts

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