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Grooming From Home during Social Distancing

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

I know that many of you might now be working from home or isolating yourselves at home. The world is a little unsettling at the moment and you might well be one of the many who can’t get out to take a trip to your local groomers.

Regardless of the country you live in, or the circumstances that make it difficult or impossible to go out from your home, grooming could be quite problematic.

In other words, you might be facing the situation where you now need to be able to groom your own dog at home.

So in case you are in such a situation, I am including some useful videos below, videos that can help you with clipping or trimming your dog at home. Managing your own grooming can in addition help to fill in some hours and provide some quality bonding time with your dog.

How to Do a Basic Dog Cut

This video can help you with tips on:

  • How to manage bathing
  • How to use scissors
  • How to use clippers
  • Which direction to shave
  • How to manage sensitive areas such as eyes and ears
  • How to finish off with neatening
  • Managing paws

At Home Grooming During a Pandemic

The video below covers some very useful tips on what to do if you can’t get to your usual grooming appointment. It covers many pointers on what tools to use and covers areas such as:

  • Regular brushing – which brushes do the job – how to substitute if you don’t have access to decent grooming brushes.
  • Managing knots
  • Cleaning eyes and around the snout.
  • Shampoos in particular dry shampoo
  • Managing dog smells

Whilst this groomer doesn’t actually work on a dog in the video, she does have some great, consoling tips. And she does cover the situation where you might not want to do your own clipping.

Managing Dog Nail Clipping at Home

Now this is a job that many shy away from.

But what if you were caught short? In other words, perhaps you were about to take your dog to the groomer who would take care of all of these tasks for you. But now you are unable to leave home. If your dog’s nails were already long, then you might be anxious to help provide some relief for your pet.

Now there is a good chance that you don’t have all the tools that the groomer in this video uses, but if you have even just the basic dog nail clippers at home then this video will provide a good guide for you.

The videos included in this post can provide some guidance on how to go about grooming your own dog at home. As I come across any other useful videos, I’ll add them to this collection.

In the meantime, enjoy your pets at home and stay safe.


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