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Which Dog Breed Doesn’t Bark? Wow!

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So do you know the answer? Which dog breed doesn’t bark or perhaps can’t bark? At first, that sounds like the ideal dog breed to choose for apartment living or residences in close proximity to each other.

But before we get too excited, perhaps we should look into how these dogs communicate instead of barking.

If you love quizzes then I have a beauty for you. It can be found at rover.com and is titled: Name That Dog Breed. So, am I digressing here? Not at all. When you make your way through the 9 quiz questions, you will come to the dog breed that I am referring to here, the breed that is often described as ‘barkless’: The Basenji.

If everyone else in the house is sleeping when you start the quiz, then it might be a good idea to turn the sound down a touch. True to form, the Basenji in the video clip doesn’t bark but, oh my, how he can howl.

And by the way, if it makes you feel any better, I scored poorly on this quiz too. But it was a lot of fun and I particularly liked seeing the mini video clip that followed each answer.

The Basenji is often referred to as the ‘African Barkless Dog‘. If you went through the quiz, via our link in the previous section, you will have heard their howl-like sound or some refer to it as a kind of yodelling. Alternatively, you can listen to the Basenji howl or yodel in this video:

So if you are looking for a dog breed that isn’t inclined to yap all day long, or bark through the night, then it would pay to look at the Basenji.

Which Dog Breeds Bark the least

I was originally surprised how many dog breeds are considered closer to “barkless”.

But as pointed out in an article on the American Kennel Club site, it is the nature of dogs to bark. Barking is a means of communication. The sound that this barking makes, however, can be described in different ways by different people.


There are some dog breeds that have the ability to bark but often choose to make a howling sound instead. e.g.:

I found it very interesting that some breeds howl as early as puppyhood.

But there are other sounds that characterise dog breeds, sounds such as baying, growling, whining and yelping to name a few.

In that case, which are the other dog breeds that are less inclined to bark?

7 Dogs That Bark the Least

Let’s see what other breeds have earned the reputation of quiet companions for high density living areas.

  1. Whippets are less inclined to bark than many other breeds. They are more interested in their role of watch dogs. Therefore this breed is easier to manage in high density living arrangements.
  2. Bulldog – quiet by nature, they tend to be good companions.
  3. Newfoundland – in addition to their reputation as rescue dogs, this beautiful breed is usually very quiet. However, you have to be prepared for considerable shedding.
  4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – this very affectionate breed is more likely to seek out your lap than stand at the fence waiting to bark at the neighbours. If they do bark, then you know they are trying to tell you something important.
  5. Boston Terrier – a very placid breed.
  6. Shiba Inu – this Japanese dog breed is not characterised by the typical bark but is more known for a type of scream but only when alarmed.
  7. Basenji – and of course we have already discussed the beloved Basenji, the so-called “barkless” breed.

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