Top 5 Dog Breeds in Popularity in the USA

Labrador Retriever

I am sure you are totally loyal to the breed of your own dog, but aren’t you curious if others favour that breed as well? Jessica (bio below) has created and provided a fascinating infographic that highlights some very interesting dog facts along with the top 5 dog breeds in the United States. You can study these facts and statistics by scrolling down to the infographic below.

The Complete Dog Breed Book, New Edition

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10 Bernese Mountain Dog Pros and Cons

Bernese Mountain Dog

I think Bernese Mountain dogs are absolutely beautiful to look at. But is this a breed that is suited to everyone? Let’s find out.

Bringing a dog into your home is a huge responsibility, requiring years of commitment. It therefore pays to do as much research as possible beforehand to make sure you have chosen the right breed for your family and your environment.

In this article, we will review 5 common pros and 5 pros that people need to be aware of before adopting a Bernese Mountain dog.

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A Good News Story for the Day – Not Just 1 but 10 Dogs Rescued

Good News Story

To find good news stories, we often have to look beyond the graphic headlines of the day. During the past few years we have been largely preoccupied with coronavirus-related concerns, understandably. The news has fed this preoccupation with daily vaccination rates, case numbers, lock down restrictions, hospitalisations and worse.

The outcome of the pandemic has been so so sad for so many across the world. And just when there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel, the next wave of infections rekindled everyone’s fears and concerns.

Good News Stories to the Rescue

To add some relief to this daily diet of depressing news, I suggested that we make a point of looking for at least one good-news story each day. For a while, this added some light relief if not all out competition. But then we forgot about it … until now.

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Can Cats and Dogs Live Together? 11 Dog Breeds to Consider

Cats and Dogs Getting Along

Do you love both cats and dogs but feel you have to choose between them? Well, recently we enjoyed a delicious dinner with some pet-loving friends. And yes, you guessed it, they had 2 dogs as well as a cat.

One of the dogs, a little Jack Russell, was an absolute delight to watch. She couldn’t get enough of playing and her best play companion was a beautiful, long-haired cat.

Mind you, the cat appeared totally aloof, prepared to simply tolerate the constant attention and teasing that she received at the hands (paws) of the Jack Russell.

This interaction completely dispelled the notion that cats and dogs are usually enemies. Instead, it made me wonder which dog breeds do in fact get along best with cats.

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Pampering Dogs