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Which Dog Breed Should I Get Quiz

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The question “What dog breed should I get?” reminds me of a situation with a family in our neighbourhood some time ago. I wish they could have taken a dog breed quiz, such as the one below, before adopting their new puppy. Why?

Well, their personality, their living arrangements, their kids, their understanding of dog parenting were all at odds with the type of dog they chose. Mind you the dog was gorgeous. It was a mix, but it was one of the most beautiful puppies you could imagine and oh so playful.

The excitement that a cute little puppy brings was certainly there at the beginning. But it lasted less than a month. It wasn’t long before the puppy was left outside, all alone, for long hours at a time.

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Check Which Dog Breed Is Best for You

If you are planning to adopt a new little puppy, you might already know the breed you want. I have friends who have just brought home their 4th Cocker Spaniel. They know the breed inside and out. They know what to expect, they know that, for them, it will be love at first sight.

However, if you are new to dog parenting, it can be tricky to choose a breed that suits you as well as your environment.

So let’s see which dog breed would suit you best, via this dog breed quiz:

The Dog Breed Quiz Results

When you click on the More Details button, next to the top-ranking breed, you can get a very useful summary of why that breed ranked as highly as it did, for you.

When you have finished reading the summary for the top-ranked breed, you can then click on the X and read the summary for the next-ranked dog breed.

The dog breed quiz is quite informative and can help steer you in the right direction.

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Other Dog Breed Quiz Sites

There are other dog breed quizzes that you could take, just to confirm your choice:

Dog Breed Popularity by Year

I know that popularity is not really an indicator when deciding which dog breed suits your particular set up. However, it is sometimes interesting so see which breeds others have chosen.

Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds in 2022

For example, in 2022 (akc.org) these breeds topped the list:

RankingDog Breed
1French Bulldogs
2Labrador Retrievers
3Golden Retrievers
4German Shepherds

Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds in 2020

But dog breed popularity can change over the years. For example, in 2020 (akc.org) these breeds topped the list:

RankingDog Breed
1Labrador Retrievers
2French Bulldogs
3German Shepherds
4Golden Retrievers

You can see the rest of the dog breed popularity table on the akc.org site.

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