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A Good News Story for the Day – Not Just 1 but 10 Dogs Rescued

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To find good news stories, we often have to look beyond the graphic headlines of the day. During the past few years we have been largely preoccupied with coronavirus-related concerns, understandably. The news has fed this preoccupation with daily vaccination rates, case numbers, lock down restrictions, hospitalisations and worse.

The outcome of the pandemic has been so so sad for so many across the world. And just when there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel, the next wave of infections rekindled everyone’s fears and concerns.

Good News Stories to the Rescue

To add some relief to this daily diet of depressing news, I suggested that we make a point of looking for at least one good-news story each day. For a while, this added some light relief if not all out competition. But then we forgot about it … until now.

A New Challenge with Extensive Flooding

For the last month or so, Australia has been confronted by a different kind of challenge. The eastern coastal areas have been hit by extensive flooding. The destruction and loss of life has been devastating. In many cases, home owners have been able to escape only with their pets and the clothes on their backs. In other cases, farmers have battled to shepherd their animals to higher ground.

Can We Find a Good News Story this Time?

So was I able to find a good-news story in the middle of all of this misery? Once again, it didn’t take long to find an uplifting piece of news to provide some lighter relief and hope, thanks to www.abc.net.au .

Rooftop Refuge

The floods have been so horrific, so high, that many people have had to seek refuge on their roof tops. The family in this story did exactly that. They escaped the rising water level by climbing up on the roof, taking their border collie, DJ, with them. Just before being rescued, however, they lost their grip on the dog; he fell into the water and disappeared from their sight.

Traumatised by the loss of nearly everything, including their beloved pet, the family settled into the refuge centre for the night.

Three days later, all hope of ever seeing their pooch alive again was gone.

A Miracle in the Making

However, thanks to social media, a jet ski, a boat and the good heartedness of a volunteer, a miracle did happen. Border collies, as we know, are very intelligent so that is probably another factor that contributed to a successful search and rescue mission.

This ended up being a good news story, not just for DJ and his family but for other dogs and cats. However, I don’t want to spoil the story for you. You can read about this incredible search and rescue mission in this write up of the account by Lucy Thackray.

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