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Can Cats and Dogs Live Together? 11 Dog Breeds to Consider

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Do you love both cats and dogs but feel you have to choose between them? Well, recently we enjoyed a delicious dinner with some pet-loving friends. And yes, you guessed it, they had 2 dogs as well as a cat.

One of the dogs, a little Jack Russell, was an absolute delight to watch. She couldn’t get enough of playing and her best play companion was a beautiful, long-haired cat.

Mind you, the cat appeared totally aloof, prepared to simply tolerate the constant attention and teasing that she received at the hands (paws) of the Jack Russell.

This interaction completely dispelled the notion that cats and dogs are usually enemies. Instead, it made me wonder which dog breeds do in fact get along best with cats.

I would venture to say that the Jack Russell breed might pass the test, at least in the case of our friends’ cat. But what about other dogs? Is it hit and miss or are there some breeds that are more inclined to get along with cats than others?

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Most of our friends tend to categorize themselves as either cat-lovers or dog-lovers. Not many of them have a foot in each camp. But why not?

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For all of you who love both cats and dogs, let’s see if you can have more peace in the house if you select the dog breed carefully.

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Which Dog Breeds Can Be Good With Cats?

I actually think a lot comes down to how well a dog is trained, right from the beginning. When she is a puppy, she can be taught to be sociable and to get along nicely with the cat.

Your degree of success can also be determined by how the puppy or dog is introduced to the cat and which pet came first. 

According to this article on the akc.org site there are breed categories that can give you a better chance of cultivating a friendly relationship between cats and dogs.

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DOG AND CAT LIVE TOGETHER: Step By Step Guide in training your Dog and Cat to live in harmony


8 Toy Breeds to Consider

  1. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    • This most affectionate breed can easily be trained to direct some of that affection towards your cat. Many owners have spoken about a real bond that has developed between their cat and their Spaniel.
  2. Papillon
    • How cute is this breed with its trademark ears. Size-wise, these dogs are ideal candidates as playmates for your cat.
  3. Pugs
    • These dogs have personality plus. Introduced into the home correctly, they can view your cat as good company.
  4. Maltese
    • The perfect lap dog, Maltese and cats can get along very well together. In fact some Maltese might almost ignore cats unless there is some hissing or the threat of scratching. But you can be watchful for this and train your pet accordingly.
  5. Chihuahua
    • Perhaps it is the size, I’m not sure, but the Chi can come to look upon you cat as his best friend and companion.
  6. Pomeranian
    • My Pom was definitely very comfortable around our kittens and cats.
  7. Shih Tzu
    • Again, my Shih Tzu was so docile he almost ignored the cat, most of the time that is.
  8. Bichon Frise
    • I simply love these little balls of fluff. And I’m sure your cat, if not aggressive, will love them too.

Naturally, there are more breeds than just the ones listed above. For example, the following video discusses some additional dog breeds that can get along really well with cats.

Top 10 Small Dog Breeds for Cat Loving Families

3 Sporting Dog Breeds that Can Live With Cats

  1. Cocker Spaniel
    • One can easily see why this is such a popular breed. Cocker Spaniels are generally considered wonderful family dogs and as such can be trained at an early age to see your cat as part of the family.
  2. Golden Retrievers
    • This breed has a wonderful nature and can be socialised to get along very well with your resident feline companion.
  3. Labradors
    • Similarly, the good-natured Labrador Retriever can become good mates with a cat.

Training Cats and Dogs to Get Along

Remember, a careful introduction, followed by ongoing training, are important ingredients in maximising your chances of a friendly relationship between your dog and cat.

It is especially important to ‘size-up’ their differences literally. If your pup or dog is much bigger than the cat, then be vigilant each time you bring them together, especially in the beginning. If the cat is the bigger of the two, as could be the case with a Chihuahua, then perhaps introduce a fluffy toy for both to enjoy. This can encourage friendly interaction so as to avoid scaring off the Chi until bonding begins.

Cats and Dogs Getting Along
Image by huoadg5888 from Pixabay 
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