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5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

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I am sure you are totally loyal to the breed of your own dog, but aren’t you curious if others favour that breed as well? Jessica (bio below) has created and provided a fascinating infographic that highlights some very interesting dog facts along with the most popular dog breeds in the States. You can study these facts and statistics by scrolling down to the infographic below.

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Fun Facts about Dogs

If you are considering adopting a dog for the first time, it always pays to be aware of possible costs that can be incurred along the way. The infographic below breaks down the average pet bills that you could be faced with each year. Naturally this can vary from dog to dog and household to household. However, this pictorial representation provides a good comparison between the main cost areas such as grooming, dog food, toys etc.

The infographic displayed here was created by Jessica and you can read her bio at the end of this article.

As you can see, the percentage of households with a pet has certainly been on the rise. You can also see which were the 5 most popular dog breeds last year.

Popular Dog Breeds and Fun Facts
Dog Fun Facts 2022

So, were there any surprises in the list of 5 most popular breeds depicted above? We really like the Golden Retriever breed and I would say many others do as well, for it has ranked #3. But I can easily see how the Labrador Retriever has taken out 1st place. Labs are so smart and ever so affectionate.

I haven’t personally had much to do with French Bulldogs but it is easy to see that many, many others have.

Of course, the German Shepherd and the Poodle breeds are long-time favourites, so there were no surprises there.

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Infographic Creator: Jessica is a certified dog lover. She has three dogs named Mina, Lex, & Ara, which are all golden retrievers. She likes to play with them in the park during weekends. When Jessica isn’t with her dogs, she seldom enjoys a tall Macchiato Caramel drink and a Rupi Kaur book in the cafe.

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