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Do German Shepherds Need Haircuts?

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So, you are thinking of adopting a puppy from the very popular German Shepherd breed. What can you expect by way of grooming? You will certainly need to do a fair amount of brushing to keep the coat nicely groomed and to prevent clumps of hair on the floor. But what about clipping? Do German Shepherds need haircuts?

The German Shepherd Breed Characteristics

Let’s learn a little more about this breed so that we can better determine what to expect by way of grooming German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) and whether or not there is ever a need to clip.

  • The German Shepherd has a double coat, usually of medium length. If the dog is not for show, you might find shorter or longer coats.
  • This breed does shed, with a heavy shedding twice a year. You will need a good deshedding tool or a furminator (affiliate links).
    By the way, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a deshedding tool. So check out the video demo below.
  • The German Shepherd breed has consistently ranked in the top 10 most popular dog breeds in the USA. The Shepherd has an absolutely beautiful coat which, with a good brushing routine, can be maintained in that state.
  • The GSD is widely respected as very intelligent, loyal, protective, affectionate and very active.

Do German Shepherd Need Haircuts Ever?

Let’s consult the experts to see if they think that Shepherds need haircuts.

You should not shave or cut your GSD’s coat hair

Wendy Wilson of St. Ledgers Shepherds

The short answer is no and a definite no with respect to shaving, just in case anyone was wondering about that question as well. German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) don’t need to have their hair cut.

The advantage of a double coat in a dog is that this type of coat has an insulating effect. The coat serves to keep the dog cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

In addition, the coat re-growth could be expected to be somewhat erratic or unpredictable if clipping is attempted.

Can Long Haired German Shepherd Dogs GSD be Trimmed?

The standard for this breed is usually a medium length, double coat.

If your GSD has a longer coat then you might have additional work on your hands.

The longer haired German Shepherd coat will require additional attention to keep it beautifully groomed. And you might be tempted to consider the odd clipping here and there to keep the growth in check. But this is still not a good idea.

They have an absolutely beautiful coat. The only time I can think of where long haired Shepherds could need haircuts would be when there is extreme matting. And what a shame that would be. If we have a regular brushing routine in place, we should be able to avoid matting. This should be the goal at al costs. However, if mats do exist, then they should be teased out gently with scissors instead of an overall clip.

You might even think, in hot weather, that you are doing your long haired German Shepherd a favour by clipping. But the double coat acts as an insulator. You are much better advised to just remove mats with grooming scissors (affiliate link) and then brush regularly to remove excess hair.

How to Brush the German Shepherd Coat Correctly

As mentioned before, there is a right way and a wrong way to use many tools, including brushes and de-shedding tools. The wrong way can lead to a damaged coat. So let’s see how these tools are used on a German Shepherd in this video:

How To Brush A German Shepherd Like A Pro (+ Handy Tools For Grooming)

So as you can see, German Shepherds don’t need haircuts. But you do need to embark on a good brushing routine. And for good measure, it would be a good idea to have a decent pet hair vacuum (affiliate link) in the cupboard.

Enjoy your beloved German Shepherd. If you already have one, I am sure that you are being loyally rewarded by canine affection every day.

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