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Dog Grooming Business Models

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If you are thinking of going into business as a dog groomer then there are a number of setup options that you can consider.

Different Types of Dog Grooming Businesses

There’s quite a range of choices with respect to how you could operate as a dog groomer.  For example, you could opt to be your own boss and work from home, or you could decide to work as an employee under the direction of an experienced groomer. Let’s look at the range of options and choices available to you.

Work as a Dog Groomer From Home

  • Less Stress
    Working from home is probably less stressful than commuting to a salon or operating a mobile unit, other than the stress involved in having to stick to a schedule. But then this is a factor that exists in the other business models as well.
  • No Commuting Expenses
    This is a huge plus in more ways than one. You save on fuel costs, there is less wear and tear on your car, there are no tolls to be paid such as when travelling on a tollway, and you avoid the stress that comes with battling traffic to and from your place of work.
  • No Formal Dress Required
    You get to wear the clothes you are comfortable wearing.
  • Save on Rent Expenses
    If you are working out of your modified garage for example, then you eliminate the additional rent incurred if setting up in a shopping center for example.
  • Cheaper than Mobile Grooming
    When working from home, you will have setup costs but you won’t need to purchase a mobile grooming unit.
  • Flexibility for Parents
    Working from home works in well if you are a parent and need to navigate school hours, child schedules and other parenting duties.

Work as a Dog Groomer in a Veterinary Clinic

  • This is an option you can consider if you prefer to leave the house for work.
  • In this scenario you could expect to be locked into a set number of days each week and for advertised hours.

Work in an Established Dog Grooming Salon

  • Salons are often on the look out for additional help. This is a great way to get more experience with an established groomer as well as to learn the “ropes of the business”.
  • You can start off as an apprentice or if you already have a level of expertise as a groomer, then you can work towards being certified.

Work as a Mobile Groomer

  • In this model, you can set yourself up with a mobile unit or work with a franchise.
  • This model is suitable for those who like to be out and about rather than based at home.
  • You can reach a broader market by being able to go into neighboring communities.
  • You do need to outlay an amount to cover the right vehicle and mobile equipment.
  • Fuel costs can be a downer in this business model however.

As you can see there are several different ways you can practise as a dog groomer. I think this adds to the attraction of the profession because you can choose the business model that best suits your personality and set of circumstances.

Tools for a New Dog Groomer

If you are thinking of grooming as a career but haven’t found the right training yet, this might be of interest to you: Dog Grooming Courses.

Two really useful resources when setting up in business are the following books:

Business Guide to Pet Grooming

Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses

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