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Melissa Verplank – Notes From The Grooming Table eBook

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

If you had the chance to learn from a 30-year veteran groomer, would you? I’m willing to bet you would say yes. The good news is that a veteran groomer wrote a book called ‘Notes From The Grooming Table‘.

Not sure if you want it?

Keep reading this review to find out who wrote it and why it will benefit your grooming career or your at-home grooming.

Notes From The Grooming Table Review

Wow if there is one ebook that continues to receive glowing accolades from groomers, it is this one, Notes From the Grooming Table. (Affiliate Link)

Who Wrote the Notes From The Grooming Table eBook?

Melissa Verplank is a self-taught groomer who, like many of us, was crazy about animals and worked with them in some fashion from a young age. In fact, she was working at a kennel when the resident groomer was let go and she instantly became the new groomer.

From that point on, she learned from her mistakes, pushed through any obstacles in her way (including an issue with her right hand), and eventually founded many different successful grooming schools and businesses.

What Does ‘Notes From The Grooming Table’ by Melissa Verplank Offer You?

Inside the 495 pages, the book covers a wide range of grooming subjects, including:

  • tools
  • scissoring
  • hand stripping
  • clipping
  • bathing (for each type of coat)
  • brushing
  • feet
  • and much more which makes this a grooming reference that will benefit you in many ways.

Over 150 breed profiles are covered. The book includes step-by-step instructions, typical grooming techniques, and illustrated up-to-date grooming styles.

If you are a self-taught groomer, you should know that this book is required material in some groomer courses. It is used as a reference for students. Therefore, picking it up helps you parallel students in the grooming field.

Many grooming students who didn’t use this book as a reference ended up picking it up after their education to give them a reference as they worked in a grooming salon.

Because the book focuses on the ideal breed (which is not a regular customer in most salons), it is an excellent reference when you get a picky client who wants the perfect cut for their dog.

The instructions are detailed and help to answer any questions that you may have. Even if you haven’t picked up your first pair of clippers yet, this book will give you the tips you need to go into the industry with knowledge and confidence.

Some Extra Benefits Of This Dog Grooming Book

There are a few extra benefits of the book that you may want to take into consideration.

  1. Spiral Binding:
    Spiral binding ensures that you can easily open the pages hands-free and groom at the same time. And you can access the information you are looking for without a lot of fuss.
  2. Reference For Customers:
    Not only can you use this as a reference for yourself, but you can also use this as a reference to educate customers when they are trying to decide what type of grooming experience they would like for their dog.

Is This Book Worth Having? Should You Buy It?

The book is based on ideal breed standards, which means not every dog that you get as a client is going to require the same grooming session as covered in the book. In addition, there is not a lot of talk about short version styles, which may be a little unhelpful if your clientele consists mostly of dogs such as Yorkies.

However, many people who have bought ‘Notes From The Grooming Table‘ refer to it is as their grooming bible and recommend that every groomer should have it as a resource.

Notes From The Grooming Table (Affiliate Link) is illustrated and detailed.

It educates you on everything from general anatomy to scissoring. It can help you better groom any breed you take on as a client as over 150 breed profiles are covered. And it can also help you live up to the AKC standards if your clientele are a little pickier.

That makes it a grooming book every groomer should have.

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