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How to Detangle Dog Hair – Use a Dog Hair Detangler Brush

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Some grooming is always done by the owner so whether you intend to do all of the grooming yourself or some of it, then you still need to know the basics of how to groom a dog at home. 

Detangling Dog Hair

Tips for Brushing Different Dog Breeds

If you have the time then it is a good idea to brush your dog’s hair for a few minutes each day. it will give you quality time with your pet and produce a shinier appearance in his coat.

How much grooming you need to do will be dependent on the type of dog breed that you have.


Dog Breeds with Longer Coats – How to Detangle Hair

Examples: Maltese, Shih Tzus, Cocker Spaniels.  

There are different techniques used for grooming different dog breeds. If you have a long-haired breed, for example, then you will have a constantly growing coat.

The longer you wait between brushings and general grooming, the more difficult it will be to manage.

Long coats matt easily and once they get to this stage it can be very difficult, not to mention time-consuming, to tease out all of the knots and tangles. If it does get to this stage then I take some time out to sit with my dog, and. wherever possible, ease out those knots with my fingers while trying to keep him per-occupied with a toy.  I find that a metal comb works best at this point. A brush won’t cut it if there are too many knots and matted bits; a brush is most effective once the coat is nicely combed and tangle-free.  If there are knots that I simply can’t detangle, then and only then, I try to gently snip them out with scissors.  

Most dog owners at one stage or another have wondered if there is a better tool to keep dog hair at bay? The types of questions I come across include:

 What type of brush do I need for my particular pet?

 What would be the best brush for long haired dogs?

 Are there any special techniques for brushing a dog?

Have You Tried a Dog Detangler?

This could be just the tool that you are looking for.

Or a detangling comb provides an ideal solution for many dog coats:

But it is hard to beat a combination tool such as this dog coat detangler come deshedding rake and dematting tool all in one:

And of course an Andis Pet Steel Comb would be a very handy addition to your grooming-at-home tool kit.

If tangling is prevalent:

  • Check the type of conditioner that you are using after shampooing. A nice conditioner can go a long way to keeping your pooch’s hair softer and knot-free particularly if you are brushing regularly.
  • Make sure that your dog is entirely dry before you release him after a bath. His first inclination will be to roll in dirt and twigs and these will simply stick to his hair if wet and thus initiate the tangling process all over again.

So brushing of long-haired breeds should be done on a regular basis, at least every few days if not daily.

Dog Breeds with Medium Length Hair

Examples: Corgis, Poodles, Golden Retrievers  

These types of dogs should be brushed weekly.

You will find that your pet will welcome the attention and enjoy the massaging affect of the brushing.

Dog Breeds with Short Length Hair

Examples: Jack Russells, Beagles, Grey Hounds  

If you are the owner of a short-haired breed then you will have less work ahead of you. You need to brush these coats much less frequently.

However, it is still nice to spend some attentive, bonding time with your dog by learning how to brush a dog properly and then brushing him whenever you can spare the time. It will have a massaging affect on his skin and, if done gently, most dogs look forward to it.

~ DGCO ~


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