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Business Guide to Pet Grooming

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

The Business Guide to Pet Grooming-2nd Edition by Sam Kohl, provides a very detailed guide on how to set up, run and manage a pet grooming business.

It covers operating a grooming business from home as well as running a grooming business from a salon employing staff.

It is especially good for groomers starting out, wondering what steps need to be taken and how to start making an income. But it is also very informative for seasoned groomers looking to take their business to the next level.

Description of the Business Guide to Pet Grooming

The Author

Sam Kohl owned and ran the new York School of Dog Grooming for 35 years, was involved with judging dog grooming competitions, has published a number of books on grooming, started a pet supplies company and has been the instigator of a number of tools designed to better facilitate pet grooming. He has been an active member on the board of many associations within the Pet Industry, such as the American Dog Groomers Guild.

The Business Guide to Pet Grooming – How it Is Packaged

This book, in a nutshell, is packaged thus:

  • It comes as a hard cover book.
  • It has 336 pages of advice, information, tips & images.
  • It has many, many colored illustrations and photographs.

The Grooming Guide Contents

The grooming business topics covered include:

  • The grooming shop itself:
    • Finding a location for your shop
    • What to call it
    • What is needed by way of plumbing & lighting etc.
  • The different business models you can consider:
    • Mobile pet grooming
    • A dog wash business
    • A doggy day care
    • A dog grooming salon
    • An at-home business
  • The financial side of your grooming business:
    • Financing your venture
    • Insurances needed
    • What pet grooming prices to charge
    • Bookkeeping etc.
  • Pet grooming tools of the trade
    • An essentials list of dog grooming tools
    • Pet grooming equipment
    • Pet grooming supplies – pet grooming products
  • Management
    • How to manage staff
    • Record keeping
    • How to set up management of appointments
  • Promotion of your grooming business
    • Signs
    • Advertising
  • Psychology of running a grooming business
    • Dealing with Pets
    • Dealing with Owners

Customer Feedback


The types of comments that customers have made about the Business Guide, both from the original and the 2nd edition, include:

  • It’s a very easy to read book providing lots of good ideas and business advice.
  • It covers how to avoid common problems that crop up.
  • It lists the pros and cons for starting your own dog grooming business.
  • It provides the confidence needed to start a business.
  • It is highly recommended.
  • It won’t disappoint.


  • One experienced groomer felt that the original edition didn’t include what she was looking for.


All in all, the Business Guide to Pet Grooming-2nd Edition (affiliate link) provides excellent support for those starting out with their own pet grooming salon, whether that be at home, in a shop or with a mobile dog grooming van. It effectively provides a dog grooming business plan. As one customer who was moving from working in a salon to setting up her own business expressed it, this guide is “worth the purchase”.

The Business Guide to Pet Grooming-2nd Edition

Please feel free to leave your own review via the comments below. If you are starting a dog grooming business we would love to hear of your experiences.

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