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Researching the Best Budget Vacuum for Pet Hair

Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

So many people ask: “What are the most effective vacuum cleaners for pet hair?” Well ideally, the vacuum should be capable of managing all tasks, household as well as pet related.

Whether you are a professional groomer, a student groomer or a dog owner, picking up dog hair is going to be a daily chore. It doesn’t matter if you are clipping Cockapoos, cutting Maltese hair or brushing Yorkies, cleaning up the hair afterwards will be an ongoing battle.

For many, this can aggravate allergies.

For others, personal grooming is made all the more difficult because of the way that dog hair simply jumps at your clothes. Not a good look at the best of times. Sure, you can use one of the many pet hair remover tools for tackling fur build up on clothes but when it comes to large areas, such as your house or a salon, then you need a more heavy duty solution.

Rather than clog an ordinary house vacuum cleaner here are some solutions that are dedicated to dealing with pet hair as well as the usual household dust and grime.

This post is intended to help you find the right vacuum for your dog’s hair.

Different Types of Pet Vacuums

There are many vacuums on the market that can be used to tackle pet hair on a daily basis. The following examples include just a few of these categories (affiliate links).

Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair and Hardwood Floors

A common question from pet owners is how to get dog hair out of carpet. But what about other surfaces?

A non-carpeted floor can be a blessing as well as an irritant if you have pets inside.

An irritant because dust, fluff and pet hair shows up instantly.

A blessing because you know that you can suck up all of that hair and grime if you have the right vacuum.

But, it is important to find a vacuum that will not harm your hardwood floor

The roller brush that is so important for getting deep down into a carpet is the very tool that can wreak havoc on a hard floor surface.  Sure, we want to get rid of that daily build up of pet hair but, at the same time, we want to avoid any possibility of scratching the hardwood surface.

Some vacuum cleaners have rubber rather than plastic wheels. The rubber can be kinder to your hardwood surfaces.

Dog Hair Remover for a Car

If you are like most dog owners, then I’m sure you transport your dog with you on a frequent basis.

But, the build up of dog hair can be a massive headache, especially if you have cloth seats in your car. Getting dog hair out of car carpets and seats will be a never-ending chore, especially if your dog malts profusely.

The ideal dog hair remover for car seats is one that allows you to manoeuvre in between seats and around small spaces.

This nifty Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, pictured below and reviewed here, has been extremely popular with dog owners, not just for the car but also for household furniture.

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes

Now how to get dog hair off clothes is another huge problem facing dog owners. If you are a pet groomer, then you probably already wear the appropriate clothing to reduce the build up of pet hair (affiliate link).

But if you are a dog owner, especially if you have an indoor dog, then I would bet that you are constantly brushing, or trying to brush, strands of hair from your clothing.

There are 3 tools that can help you keep this chore to a manageable level,:

  1. Make sure you have a vacuum designed to cope with dog hair and make sure that it comes with pet attachments.
  2. Use a deshedding tool for your dog.
  3. Buy one of the better brands of lint rollers. The Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky 60 Layer Lint Roller is designed to attack pet hair.

Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky 60 Layer Lint Roller

Vacuums for Pet Hair: Your Opinion

What is your opinion on the preferred vacuums for dog hair?

Let’s know which brand of vacuum cleaner has worked efficiently for your needs. Which have you found to be the most effective vacuum cleaner for pet hair, or are you still looking? If so, you might find one of the vacs featured above to be just the ticket.

Are you a dog owner battling with dog hair at home ? It so, what are you currently using? Which vacuum cleaners for dog hair have you found most effective? Are you making do with a regular household vac or have you tried one of the above-listed models. Please share with us your opinion on the brands that are suitable vacuums for pet hair.

Are you a groomer working in a salon? If so, we would love to get your opinion on which pet vacuum cleaner works in your workplace. Do you prefer a robotic style vacuum? If not, which upright vacuum for pet hair have you preferred? I would imagine that you would have an actual pet grooming vacuum already in your salon.

And of course, if you are working as a professional groomer, make sure that you also have one of the more comfortable dog grooming tables to work with.

Teaser image courtesy of vectorolie / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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