Interviews with Dog Groomers in Australia

Click on a state in the map of Australia below to access a really interesting interview with a professional dog groomer or pet stylist working in a salon.

The Value of Dog Grooming Interviews

We have been doing interviews with dog groomers across Australia.

It is a great way for any of you interested in becoming a dog groomer to get some brilliant tips from groomers in the field.

Each interviewee always has invaluable tips as well for dog owners wanting to groom their own dogs at home.

Future Dog Groomer Interviews

Interviews with groomers from other countries may be included in the future if there is enough interest from our readers.

If you are a dog groomer and you would like to share your experiences with newbies, please let us know. We would love to hear about your grooming salon, how you got started , the dog grooming course that you did, what you think of dog grooming as a career and your advice about equipment that you use such as the type of grooming table you prefer.

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