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How to Groom a Labradoodle – Tips on Grooming Labradoodle

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

Labradoodles are quickly becoming one of the most sought after breeds in the pet industry. They are friendly, playful and make perfect family dogs.

It is interesting to read just how this crossbreed came about. The working skills of the Labrador and the low-allergenic coat of the Poodle provided the original impetus to try the cross. You would probably be surprised to learn that it was initially used as a guide dog.

Today of course the breed has secured its place in the family home as a most welcome pet.

One of the main reasons for their widespread popularity is the type of coat they have, which generally falls between being curly and wavy while not as kinky as that of the Poodle.

Even more exciting is the fact that the coat sheds at a much slower rate than that of many other breeds, which means that it is a viable option for pet lovers who are allergic to dog dander.

Once the hair becomes longer, it’s important to ensure you are brushing all the way from the roots of the hair. If this is not done, loose hair will not be removed from the coat. As the loose hair builds up, it’s going to be impossible to clip the hair, and the only alternative will be to cut the hair close to the skin. 


Most Labradoodle owners prefer to have their dogs clipped 2 to 5 times every year depending on the level of curliness and their personal preference. To do this, you may want to have a set of small, basic clippers for clipping off any areas that are tangled to the point that you cannot work a brush through them. Never use scissors to cut at knots and mats, as you may inadvertently cut your dog’s skin. 

Popular Dog Grooming Clippers (affiliate link)


The Labradoodle is a type of dog that benefits from regular bathing. You should ensure that your dog has a full bath every few weeks to keep it smelling fresh. A good bath also ensures that any loose hair is removed from the coat. If your pet is primarily indoors, you only need to bath after every few weeks. If your dog spends a great deal of time outside, you may have to bath more often. 

Here are Some General Tips for Basic Grooming Labradoodle at Home


Your dog should have clear visibility and not have hair growing up into the eyes and blocking vision. Using blunt baby nail scissors or round tipped dog scissors, trim any hair hanging over the eyes and the nose so that it can see clearly. In case your pet gets eye gunk, you should use pet eye wipes (affiliate link) to clean them every few days.


Hair on the ears should not be longer than 1 inch. If it’s longer, it should be shaved and shaped above the head. Keeping the hair away from the ear will prevent infections and allow free flow of air. To clean the inside of the ear, you will need a ball to remove and wipe dirt. 


Trim paws into a nice rounded style so that hair doesn’t hang on the paw. To do this, you need an electric clipper and a blade. Trimming your dog’s paws will help in reducing debris that attaches to feet when outdoors and being drudged into your home.

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Nails should also be cut every six weeks. 

Labradoodle Haircuts

Labradoodles will need a haircut all over their bodies as well. Labradoodle grooming styles  vary. Some people prefer the hair cut short while others prefer it long and curly. Shorter hair mats less frequently, while longer hair requires regular maintenance to prevent matting. In general, a haircut should be done to:

  • Trim the ears especially along the length of the ear and the back edge of the ear tight
  • Trim the head top about an inch or two long
  • Layer the muzzle about two inches all the way around
  • Shave the body but leave the part below the knees, what is commonly referred to as ”doodle boots.”
  • Shave the entire dog’s body
Grooming Guide – Labradoodle – Pro Groomer

Basic Grooming Tools You Will Need

  • For brushing: a Slicker brush
  • To work on the ears: try ear cleaner (affiliate link) or ear powder for relief.
  • To trim above and below eyes: baby nail scissors
  • To work all over the body: a pair of thinning shears

Thinning Shears for Dogs (affiliate link)

Clippers for Labradoodle

You will no doubt have come across 2 of the top brands when it comes to dog grooming clippers: Andis and Oster.

Either way, here are some clippers you can consider for your Labradoodle.

Andis Dog Clippers

The Andis dog clippers are, hands down, the most popular clippers among our readers. And this model in particular takes top billing:

Summing Up How to Groom a Labradoodle

Your dog will require regular grooming and maintenance. Establish a regular schedule that you will adhere to in order to ensure you have a clean, healthy pet. If you can’t maintain basic grooming, then you need to consider using a professional.

However, you should always clean eyes, ears and nails weekly at home, as well as give your dog a good brushing. 

The groomer below is using the Andis clippers on a different dog breed:


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  1. Thanks for these grooming tips for a labradoodle. i actually didn’t know that the hair on the ears should be longer than 1 inch. Perhaps it could be good to keep checking on their ears so you know exactly when the hair should be trimmed.

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