Grooming Your Dog at Home Review

Have you ever stopped to add up the amount you are spending per year on having your dog groomed professionally?  Frightening isn’t it.

Now work out how much that comes to over the term of the average lifespan of a dog.


Yes, that’s right, it’s a figure that you’d rather not know … unless you had an alternative solution to consider. 

Well this book, written by a professional groomer, offers just that. It’s an excellent manual that covers DIY dog grooming. It takes you through all the steps needed to be able to manage dog grooming from home. And if you have a dog that is nervous around grooming clippers or hair dryers in a salon then grooming him from home can certainly make a difference to his comfort level. 

Grooming Your Dog at Home – The Ultimate Guide

DIY Dog Grooming – Learn from the Ultimate Guide

So what exactly does this dog grooming guide have to offer?

  • It provides tips on the following:
    • How to brush your dog correctly.
    • How to brush your dog’s teeth.
    • How to make your dog smell good.
    • How to manage dog shedding.
    • How to bathe a dog.
    • How to trim dog nails.
    • What to do about bad dog breath (we could use that advice too!!)

    I don’t know about you, but we have a dog that always has that doggy smell. His brother, by contrast, is always as clean as a whistle, well almost. A dog odor is hard to cope with day in and day out so learning how to eliminate that dog smell by correct grooming is a huge plus.

  • The book teaches you about:
    • The different dog grooming tools
    • How to manage different dog coats
    • How to deal with problem coats such as a dog losing hair or a bald dog. Is it natural shedding or a health issue?
  • The guide gives you tips on:
    • Your dog diet
    • Dog supplements – which dog nutritional supplements can help produce a shinier, healthy coat.
    • The best dog shampoo and dog conditioner.
    • Puppy grooming.
    • Dog itching and skin allergies or infections.
    • Dog hot spots
  • It also covers:
    • grooming different breeds
      • they require different approaches
      • with a special chapter devoted to Poodle grooming.
    • dog grooming tools
      • dog brushes
      • dog combs
      • dog scissors
      • dog nail clippers

And the list goes on! This is one comprehensive book that will guide you through the basic steps needed to learn how to groom a dog

Grooming Your Dog At Home– The Ultimate Guide

I think this is a very comprehensive package, providing all that dog owners would need to be able to groom their own dogs at home.

And let’s know about your experience of managing your own dog grooming.

~ DGCO ~

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