Air Force Pet Dryer for Dog Grooming – Blow Dryer for Dog Hair

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When it comes to choosing only the most suitable of dog grooming dryers for personal or business use, you can’t go wrong with Metro Air Force dryers.

Almost all Air Force Blaster products provide a variety of useful dog dryer features that make grooming an easier experience overall.

Out of the many dog grooming dryers offered by the Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company, here are 4 dog blaster dryer reviews, handpicked and ranked accordingly.

You will see how each dryer stacks up against the others in terms of drying power, design and additional functions.

4. Metro Air Force Steel Stowaway Pet Dryer

This unit will literally let you breeze through the tedious parts of drying your pooch after a doggie wash!

The dryer’s main feature is that it can be mounted wherever is most convenient for you; under the grooming table, on a countertop, or on the wall, so that you won’t need to move it unnecessarily.

The Air Force Stowaway is made of the finest steel materials and has a 4HP, 2-speed air flow setting for efficient drying.

This product has a Metro Groomer’s arm included for hands-free drying.

This blaster is portable and quite powerful for its size.


  • Mounting feature is compatible with other Air Force
  • 2-speed drying feature


  • You may need to study the mounting instructions

3. Metro Air Force Steel Variable Speed Blaster Pet Dryer

Blast through the grooming process.

The product boasts that it can cut drying time to as much as 75%.

Now that’s an excellent time-saver!

The body is made of an all-steel frame, and the Air Force Variable Speed Blaster comes with a heavy-duty neoprene nozzle, a 10 ft. hose and a 12 ft. power cord.

The 4HP engine has a variable speed setting to save on utility costs and electricity.

This Metro item is a drying force to be reckoned with!


  • Dries very well.
  • Shedding hair blows off
  • Has extra length in the cord


  • Drying may require a little longer time for bigger dogs or long haired dogs

2. Metro Air Force Master Blaster Variable Speed Dryer

This is a serious contender for the top spot in this list.

  • Let’s start off with the drying power: a 2-motor, dual stage fan blasting out 4HP of cool drying takes out the wet in your dog’s fur in no time at all.
  • Dog grooming and drying literally becomes an exercise in ease of use and convenience with the Master Blaster’s heavy duty power cord (12 feet).
  • A tough blower nozzle made from durable neoprene
  • An industrial strength, flexible hose that spans 10 feet.
  • The variable speed setting takes appropriate care of drying your dog, no matter the size.


  • Powerful motor & fan
  • High end dog drying components


  • Usually a little more expensive than regular dryers

This would be an excellent investment if you decide to purchase one.

1. Metro Air Force Master Blaster Dryer S

Metro’s pride and joy lies in their product.

If you are looking for the one dog grooming dryer that will make your day easier, then this is the one for you, in our opinion.

  • Wet fur and hair is no challenge for this product – just turn on the two speed, 8.0PHP motor and say goodbye to tedious drying!
  • There’s no heating element involved, and
  • The Master Blaster S comes with industry-standard drying conveniences such as:
    • an all-steel body
    • blower nozzles
    • 10 feet of flexible hose and
    • 12 feet of conductor cord.

The ability to dry your dog two times faster than so many other dog dryer products puts this product at the #1 spot in our opinion!


  • The motor runs quietly.


  • People who are used to lighter dog dryers may find the Master Blaster a little on the heavy side.

This dog dryer is definitely value for money in our opinion.

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