Electric Grooming Tables for Large Dogs: 2 Grooming Table Reviews

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Finding the ideal Electric Dog Grooming Tables for large dogs can be very, very time consuming. For professional dog groomers as well as dog owners looking to do their own grooming, researching the best grooming tables on the market, before buying, is extremely important.

Most salons need to cater for both small dogs and large dogs so it is best to aim for a table that can suit all. And of course electric grooming tables come with many advantages, not least of which is the ease with which a dog can be placed on the table. Then, of course, there is the added advantage of preventing groomer’s back strain.

However, with constantly changing technology and new products cropping up every week, it can be difficult for those in the dog grooming business to stay informed about the best and most appropriate tables for their needs.

In this article, you will find a review of 2 electric grooming tables for big dogs. It is intended that this review can help you decide which table, currently on the market, you should invest in to spur the success of your grooming business.

A Comparison of 2 Electric Grooming Tables for Large Dogs

1. PetLift Masterlift Electric Grooming Table

Model: 2010

The PetLift Masterlift Electric Grooming Table Model 2010 with Rotating Post is a top of the range grooming table and is thus significantly more pricey than many of the electric grooming tables you may have looked at.

However, this is one grooming table that equates to real functionality:

PetLift Masterlift Electric Grooming Table Model 2010 with Rotating Post

  • It is equipped with rotation technology that many other tables lack; it includes a rotating post that turns 180 degrees in order to allow maximum accessibility to all areas of a dog’s body during the grooming process without disrupting him.
  • It also features incredibly smooth and silent raising and lowering technology. This technology allows the table to lift and lower from 12 inches to 42 inches, which means that especially large dogs can be lifted automatically without you having to manually move the dog and run the risk of frightening him.
  • The raising and lowering functions of the Masterlift table can be controlled by foot pedals located on both sides of the table.
  • This grooming table is able to accommodate extremely large dogs; it can lift up to 375 pounds and measures 54 by 24 inches.

With its rotation and height-adjustment technology combined with extreme weight capacity, PetLift’s Masterlift Electric Grooming Table is an excellent option for extremely large dogs that are too heavy to lift and move manually while on the table.

2. Master Equipment Origin Electric Table

Model: TP1515 17

The Master Equipment Origin Electric Table is priced at what is probably the higher end of most grooming budgets.

Master Equipment Origin Electric Table

The notable features of this table include those listed here:

  • The Origin is designed with height-adjustment technology that uses an electric motor to raise and lower the table between 20 inches and 42 inches with two foot pedals.  However, the Origin does not utilize the accordion-style height-adjustment technology of the Masterlift which allows especially silent and smooth movement.
  • Also, Master Equipment’s Origin table is slightly less equipped than the Masterlift table at accommodating extremely large dogs; it measures smaller at 41 by 24 inches and can only lift dogs that weigh less than one 185 pounds.
  • However, the Master Equipment Origin Electric Table is designed for easy organization and is equipped with a drawer that slides out from underneath the grooming table to allow convenient storage of grooming tools and other necessities.

Concluding Remarks on Electric Tables for Large Dogs

Each of these electric grooming tables is a viable option for large dogs. While we have ranked the tables in this article in descending order in terms of our own preferences and values, the table that will work best for you, and your dog grooming needs, depends on the dogs you will be grooming and the price you are willing to pay for an electric grooming table.

If you are interested in seeing other types of tables then we also have different makes of electric dog grooming tables as well as hydraulic grooming tables. You might also like to see the full range of electric grooming tables on Amazon.

Please feel free to leave a comment about the table you have invested in. We are particularly interested to hear more feedback on electric grooming tables for large dogs.

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