Electric Dog Grooming Table Reviews: Finding the Right Dog Table for Sale

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If you are a dog groomer, then finding the right electric grooming table, for your salon, can make all the difference to your business. Not only that, the right table can make an immense difference to your back health.

Dog grooming tables for salon

The more comfortable you are, the less strain on your back and the better experience you can provide for your doggy clients.

In addition, many a dog owner has found the right electric grooming table to be very helpful for DIY grooming, especially if it can be found within their budget.

Here are 4 popular models in the electric grooming table arena. See what our guest writer thinks about each of them:

Electric Dog Grooming Tables Reviewed

Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom


The Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table uses a foot remote system which enables you to adjust the height of the table up to 48”. The good news is that the foot remote can slide in and out of view.

For a dog owner who is concerned about the durability of the table, it is important to note that the table has a waterproof board. The textured board is non-skid and its pebbled surface makes it very easy to clean. It also comes with a protective layer made of vinyl along its outer edges.

For extra comfort, the tables’ underside is also layered using foam.

At the time of writing this post, the table was being offered with a lifetime warranty on its frame and a two-year warranty on its motor.

This is a top quality table.

This electric table is not only attractive but it is also durable and easy to maintain.

But most of all, it allows easy access for dogs of all ages and all sizes. The fact that it goes down so low, groomers can help aging dogs or arthritic dogs onto the table without any undue stress. 

And this also proves to be an added advantage for anyone suffering back pain from long days at the grooming table. 

The grooming arm with 2 loops is a real plus.

This is one table that is proving to be very popular with groomers. –>

Go Pet Club Grooming Table, Electric Motor

ASIN: B00H1C422C

If you are looking for a grooming table that looks professional and comfortable, then the Go Pet Club table could be the one. The table can fit both your business and home needs.

It not only features a Z-Lift frame, but it also has a H-style base. These two features ensure maximum stability and prevent any wobbling.

With its motor lifts, you are able to adjust the table between 21.5” to 41.3” high.

The table comes in an attractive black color and finish. Its surface is static-free and it is lined with aluminum alloys to protect the wood beneath.

The extra good news is that the table comes fully assembled and with an adjustable grooming leash in place.

If you prefer haing peddles on both sides, then this table is probably not for you. However, it is definitely a back-saving solution to grooming all day long.

Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom


The Ultra-Low Z-Lift table, just like the others, comes with a foot remote. Using the remote, the table can be adjusted from 12” to 42”.

Most dog owners who buy this table are attracted by its look. Its Z-shape not only allows it to be adjusted smoothly but it also makes the table look clean and professional.

The Ultra-Low table is also easy to maintain, and just like the Groomer’s Best table, this one also has a vinyl trim that protects its edges.

Its underside foam layer is also an added advantage as it ensures maximum comfort for your dog.

Some groomers purchased wheels as an extra for ease of maneuverability.

This is a one quality table that will provide the sturdiness you are looking for.

4. Master Equipment Origin Electric Table


If you are looking for a table spacious enough to offer comfort and stability, this Master Equipment Electric Table is one of the choices to be considered.

This very versatile table is made of iron and wood; definitely built to last.

Groomers love the addition of a tool drawer which means that what ever is needed, clippers, brush, scissors etc., all can be reached easily without leaving the dog to fret. 

It comes with a grooming arm and loop so you know that your doggie clients are going to be secure and feel in good hands.

The design of the table is to thank for its enhanced stability and durability. 

In Conclusion

Each of these electric grooming tables has appealed to some very satisfied salon owners. So it comes down to your budget and your preference in style.

The Accordion Lift Electric Grooming Table works very well for both small and large dogs.

The Go Pet Club Grooming Table could also appeal for DIY grooming at home.

Similarly, the Ultra Low Z-Lift Electric Grooming Table by ComfortGroom can have wheels fitted as an extra. It has been one of the more popular-selling tables.

The Master Equipment Grooming Table tends to be a little more expensive but I haven’t found a groomer yet who didn’t think the investment was well worth it.

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