Setting Up Your Dog Grooming Business with Salon Accessories

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Aside from the usual pet grooming tools, there are a number of other items that go a long way towards making your business more professional or can I say a ‘cut above the rest’. The right salon accessories can help make you job, as a groomer, a little easier.

These items would include management tools as well as beautification touches.

But first let’s make sure that our must-have list of equipment is covered.

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Dog Grooming Business Cards & Pet Grooming Appointment Books

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We have talked a lot about the tools and equipment that you would need when working as a dog groomer. What we haven’t talked about yet is what you need in the office itself. For example, have you thought about dog grooming business cards?

What are the administration type tools that would be essential in a salon? Alternatively, what does a mobile groomer need to manage a mobile grooming business?

Dog Grooming Business Cards

You might prefer hard copies of everything or you might prefer to go the tech route and set yourself up with some pretty nifty salon management software. Either way, you will want to have some cute, eye-catching reminder cards to send home with your repeat clients.

So, let’s see what is available on both sides of the ledger when shopping online.

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Dog Grooming Jobs & Careers- Salon Stylist, Mobile Groomer..

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Whether times are ‘ruff’ or maybe you find yourself just barking up the wrong tree in life, you may come to a conclusion that you would like to take your dog loving to a new level or just take on a new business venture.

Either way, you’re anxious to get your paws dirty.

Let’s take a look at the wide variety of opportunities in the world of grooming man’s best friend.

But first things first.

Before you begin embarking on this career path, you will need to decide if you want to work for an employer or run the business yourself. If it is the latter, then you will need to decide if your business will be stationary (in a salon) or mobile (going to the customer) and you will also need to acquire the necessary tools.

But even before that, you will need to make sure that you have the necessary pet grooming skills. This might entail learning completely from scratch or it might simply mean brushing up on existing knowledge and building on that. 

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Enroll in a Pet Grooming Course in Texas & Start Your New Career

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For those who are keen to learn dog grooming and who currently live in Texas, you can find a link to one such resource below.

Note: Remember to check with the School to see if any of the course details have changed. Prices are listed to give you a rough comparative idea but could change from month to month.

Texas All Breed Grooming School in Arlington, Texas

  • Course: Professional Dog Grooming
    • Type of course: Face to face
    • Duration: 480 hours (12 weeks)
    • Cost of course: $6302
    • Certificate awarded upon graduation
    • Approved? Yes

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Learn Professional Dog Grooming Via Classes in Montana

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Here are some dog grooming courses that are offered in Montana. If you are considering becoming a dog groomer or you simply want to master at-home grooming then you can click on the links below to get some more information.

Note: Course details are subject to changes (particularly prices) so each of the listed points should be double-checked with the relevant Academy.

Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy – Great Falls, Montana  

  • Course: Professional Dog Styling
    • Type of Course: Face to face
    • Duration: 8 weeks full time and part time
    • Cost: $5900
    • Certificate awarded
    • Students can ask for assistance with getting jobs 

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