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What Is Dog Dry Eye? How to Recognise KCS in Dogs

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It is quite possible that your have already come across the condition known as Dog Dry Eye before. Certain breeds are more susceptible to eye issues than others. But dry eye can cause considerable irritation in dog breeds prone to this particular condition. When I first began to research this syndrome, I was taken aback by how serious it can be. Fortunately, however, it can be medically managed.

Disclaimer: Please note that the content of this article, like all other posts in this blog, is interest-based. For advice on dog health issues, a veterinarian should always be consulted.

The Dog Dry Eye Condition

Dry eye is quite a common condition, presenting as inflammation resulting from insufficient lubrication of the eye from the usual tear activity.

Normal tear production can serve many needs. For example, tears can remove the presence of dust or other irritants in the eyes.

As soon as the normal production of dog tears is impeded, then invariably we end up with dry eye.

Of course if you are battling this eye problem in your own dog, then it matters little to you what the condition is called in veterinary terms. But in case you are wondering, it is Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca. This term is in fact quite difficult to pronounce so you might often hear it referred to simply as KCS in Dogs rather than by its scientific name.

Either way, we are talking about the problem of dry eyes in dogs.

The condition is also referred to as Dry Eye Syndrome in Dogs.

What Causes Dog Dry Eye?

There are a number of different causes that can produce this condition in your dog.

For example, certain medications can affect the eye health.

Certain diseases and health conditions can also be problematic.

However, we are now touching on specifics with respect to health so I am going to refer you to some expert veterinary advice if you would like to know more details.

Dog Dry Eye (KCS) Symptoms

If your dog is already suffering from this condition, I am sure you will have noticed a number of these telltale signs:

  • Very red, irritable eyes are often observed with dry eye.
  • Perhaps your dog is also constantly trying to scratch the affected eye. Dry eyes can become very itchy.
  • He might even be struggling to keep his eye open for a length of time.
  • Quite often, there can be an observable discharge from the eye as well.
  • Frequent blinking can also be an indication of dry eye.

The vet in the following video provides an excellent description, complete with pictures of dry eye in dogs. This allows you to more easily determine if your dog is suffering from this painful condition.

He also provides a demo of how the Schirmer Tear Test is conducted.

Equally important is the section where he describes the medication that your own vet might recommend.

How To Save And Treat A Dog Suffering From Dry Eye? You NEED To Do This! | Vet Explains

As you would have seen, the vet in this video provides very useful advice on how to give prescribed medications and when to return to your own vet for follow up visits.

Dry Eye Treatment For Dogs

You might already be familiar with common treatments for this condition if you have already consulted your vet. If not, then I highly recommend making an appointment.

Your vet most likely will administer a Schirmer Tear Test that registers the extent to which tear production is lacking. But there are many other aspects to a thorough eye examination. This allows your vet to decide which course of treatment is most appropriate.

As you would expect, the ultimate aim of treatment is the restoration of normal tear production, maintenance of correct lubrication and of course elimination of any pain endured by the dog.

During the course of treatment, you will probably be prescribed a course of eye drops for your pooch. However, depending on the identified cause, there could well be a course of medications that you have to administer as well.

You might also be instructed on how to gently cleanse the eye periodically throughout the day.

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So you can see why a trip to the veterinary clinic is so important.

Your vet can also answer breed-specific questions such as whether or not the condition, and thus the treatment, is likely to be permanent.

Dry Eye Drops For Dogs

Your vet will no doubt prescribe the correct dry eye drops for your particular dog.

But you can also check customer reviews to see what results other dog owners have experienced when battling with Dog Dry EyeL

Dry Eye Drops for Dogs
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Dog Breeds Susceptible to Dry Eye

As you might expect from the cute photo featured at the beginning of this article, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one breed that can exhibit the condition of dog dry eye.

But there are many other breeds such as:

For a more comprehensive list of breeds that are prone to dog dry eye, refer to this article at vcahospitals.com.

Dry Eye in Dogs

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