Should You Get a Dog?

Pet parent

Providing the right home environment for a dog, or a cat or other pet, is paramount to his/her health and well-being. Adopting a dog or cat, for example, can be exciting but there are some things that need to be considered first. In this article, we will focus on the first-time dog owner and provide some useful guidelines.

As dog lovers and pet groomers, it’s very difficult to swallow the following statistics about the plight of animals in rescue shelters.

According to the ASPCA, animal shelters take in about 6 million dogs and cats annually. Unfortunately, only 4 million pets are adopted each year. It would be great if this number could increase and hopefully it has by the time you read this article.

So let’s explore what it takes to provide an appropriate home for a new dog, a dog that can be a happy client when he sees his groomer every couple of months.

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Dog Skin Allergy Symptoms & 4 Causes

Are you worried because your dog is scratching constantly or chewing his paws until they are raw? You are not alone! I would wager that, like me, you have battled a skin problem with at least one dog in your time either as a pet owner or groomer. And more than likely, you have encountered a dog skin problem with many puppies as well as adult dogs over the years.

Scratching Dog

Yes, dog allergies can be a huge problem. Nobody wants to see their beloved pet miserable with the persistent discomfort that comes from scratching and itching and biting red, irritated skin areas. 

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Melissa Verplank – Notes From The Grooming Table eBook

If you had the chance to learn from a 30-year veteran groomer, would you? I’m willing to bet you would say yes. The good news is that a veteran groomer wrote a book called ‘Notes From The Grooming Table‘.

Not sure if you want it?

Keep reading this review to find out who wrote it and why it will benefit your grooming career or your at-home grooming.

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Dog First Aid Kits: What to Put in a First Aid Kit for Dogs

Dog Needing First Aid

Dogs are naturally rowdy creatures. They bite things, play rough, and goof around with anything that moves if you leave them alone even for just a second.

Unfortunately, their proclivity for fun also makes them vulnerable to accidents and other health emergencies. This is the reason why all dog owners should have a fully equipped first aid kit for their pets which they can easily utilize should said emergencies arise. And it is no different for dog groomers. A dog first aid kit should be an essential item in a groomer’s equipment list.


Do take note that first aid should not be treated as a substitute for proper veterinary care.

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Best Books About Dog Training, Grooming, Puppy Raising …

Regardless of whether you are a new dog groomer, an experienced dog groomer, or a pet owner, I’m sure you will find below, some really good books about dogs. The topics that might interest you include raising new puppies, different dog breeds, grooming, training and working professionally with dogs.

Good Books About Dogs

But there is probably even greater interest in a dog raising book if you have just brought a cute little puppy into your home. Learn all about dog psychology and behavior so you can train your adorable puppy from the get go.

Let Dogs Be Dogs: Understanding Canine Nature and Mastering the Art of Living with Your Dog4400

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Pampering Dogs