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How to Groom a Cockapoo – Grooming a Cockapoo at Home Kit

Disclosure:This post may contain affiliate links that pay me a commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Full disclaimer here.

As you would expect, the Cockapoo is actually a cross-breed or as some would express it, a hybrid dog breed. And as the name suggests, it is a mix of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. So its coat type and personality would depend largely on which breed is the more dominant. Cockapoo grooming doesn’t have to be difficult but some knowledge of the actual coat type will prove to be very beneficial.

Cockapoo Grooming Tips

Regardless of the coat type, an essential part of any Cockapoo care is having a good grooming routine.

The actual clipping can of course be done by a professional groomer. But if you decide to learn the basics of how to groom a Cockapoo yourself so that you can manage the clipping at home, then you will need some pointers on how to go about it.

Some helpful guidelines are probably even more relevant if you have had to self-isolate during the 2020 pandemic. Plus, it will definitely pay to have some knowledge of preferred Cockapoo grooming tools.

With patience and some practice you can eventually feel completely comfortable with managing the Cockapoo coat type.

You can find many tools included in dog grooming kits, tools that can make the whole task so much easier. I’m talking here of tools such as clippers, blades, grooming combs, scissors and toenail clippers, all in the one kit. Keep in mind that nail clippers need to be kept sharp so as to avoid discomfort.

Dog Grooming Kits (Affiliate Link)

Main Types of Cockapoo Coats

Grooming means an overall regime of taking care of the pet’s coat (trimming and brushing), brushing of teeth, cleaning of ears and cutting of nails.  It also pays to have some understanding of Cockapoo coats in general.

Cockapoo dog coats can vary according to thickness, coarseness, length and degree of curliness.

For example, we have:

  • A coat with tight curls
    Now, naturally this Cockapoo would have more of the Poodle mix in it.
    This type probably sheds the least when compared with the other coat types.
  • A coat that tends towards being straighter
    The straight haired Cockapoo tends to throw more to the Cocker Spaniel mix. It tends to shed less and require clipping perhaps only 4 times a year. This coat type still requires cleaning and brushing on a regular basis.
  • A coat that is more wavy than curly
    Again this type of hair would suggest a stronger mix of Cocker Spaniel in the breeding.

Other Coat Types Found in Cockapoo

Now when it comes to cross breeding further down the chain you can have all kinds of coat combinations. For example a Cockapoo, the result of the original mix, might itself then be crossed with a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel, again throwing stronger tendencies than would otherwise have been expected. This is where we start to see F1 and F2 etc classifications of generations.

That is when you could expect to see other coat combinations such as:

  • A flat coat Cockapoo – more similar to what you see in these Cocker Spaniel Haircut Styles
  • The Cockapoo straight hair type with gentle waves
  • The wavy coat with ringlets – this is more high maintenance, lending itself to matting.
  • The tight curled Cockapoo – a coat very similar to the Poodle which means very little shedding but the same requirement for grooming as the Poodle breed.

Regardless of coat type, the Cockapoo is a very cute breed of dog. This is a truly lovable breed and one that requires delicate handling and grooming, perhaps more so than many other dogs.  Grooming this breed is more of a fun-filled experience than an arduous task.

Given the costs of frequently visiting a professional groomer, mastering various Cockapoo haircuts is definitely a worthwhile pursuit particularly given that there are a number of different styles that you might like to try.

Grooming a Cockapoo at Home or in the Salon

Now there are many different Cockapoo cuts and you probably already have a preference for one over the other.

However, if you are still trying to decide and wish to master one of the more popular hairstyles such as the Cockapoo Teddy Bear Cut, then it is a good idea to have a comprehensive guide to follow and/or a styling video to watch. This is regardless of whether you are working professionally as a groomer or simply wanting to groom your own Cockapoo at home.

A video can certainly help you to better manage various Cockapoo hair cut styles (see below).

How to Groom Cockapoo with Clippers – YouTube Videos

It’s hard to beat watching a video that shows a groomer at work so here are some videos that can help you learn how to clip a Cockapoo.

This can help you start to master breed-specific grooming styles. Here is a very comprehensive video that shows how to groom a Cockapoo with clippers. In this case, the groomer demonstrates a Teddy Bear clip and is using a Wahl pet clipper. The Wahl clippers are considered some of the best clippers for Cockapoos.

If you are looking for help with grooming a Cockapoo face then you might prefer to jump straight into this video that discusses clipping the face in particular:

How to Give a Cockapoo a Bath

Use two cotton balls to fit lightly into the ears so that water and soap may not get in, as Cockapoos are very sensitive to ear infections.

Make sure you have a sturdy dog tub that can be used solely for bathing your pooch.

Dog Tubs & Wash Stations (Affiliate Link)

How to Clean the Ears of a Cockapoo

After the bath, extract the cotton balls from his ears and wipe the ears out with the cotton swab for any ear wax deposits. Do not be over zealous in going too deep into the dog’s ears. Cleaning as far as you can see is good enough.

Cut off any hair growing inside the ear as a little care goes a long way.

How to Trim a Cockapoo’s Nails

Last of all you can attend to trimming the dog’s nails with the dog nail trimmer (affiliate link).

A sound piece of advice for a first timer is that you should try to distinguish between the nail and the pink layer of skin always before initiating cutting of the nail. If you are uncertain, then cut a little nail and file the remainder of the nail to the required length. This helps in averting any incision or cut in the dog’s paw.

Taking Care of a Cockapoo’s Teeth

Cockapoos frequently suffer from dental health problems as they grow older. As part of their grooming routine, their teeth should be brushed with a special dog toothpaste (affiliate link). once a day to avoid serious complications in future.

Grooming a Matted Cockapoo

We have all been there – ouch – what a job it is to get mats and tangles out of a dog’s coat once they have become entrenched.

Mats can easily be hidden by the top layer of a Cockapoo’s coat. So you really need to get down into the undercoat, the  layer nearer the skin.

De-matting the Cockapoo’s Coat

Start checking the pet’s coat for tangled or matted hair. This is a common problem with Cockapoos because of their long coat.

Lightly comb and try to brush out the matted tufts without pulling the hair and skin of the dog.

Once you locate some tangled hair, make sure to tackle it gently because the skin can easily be pulled before you know it.

Dematting Tools for Dogs (Affiliate Link)

De-Matting Demonstration

The video below shows you how to tease the tangle out with a de-matting comb.

A slicker brush is great for top level brushing but when you find a real tangle or a piece of heavily matted hair then you can move to the comb to help tease it out better.

There are various kinds of dematting combs that you can use and I would suggest that the nature of your dog will determine which works best. In other words, if your Cockapoo is a little skittish, you might find that the comb pulls a little. In that case you could go for the wider-tooth grooming rake.

If the tangled hair has become too knotted, you will have to cut the knots out with the help of scissors. Take utmost care while doing so in order to avoid getting too close to the skin.

Once you have taken care of all the matted bits you can gently brush the coat (do this on a regular basis once a week to avoid further matting). Now you can trim the Cockapoo’s hair to the desired length. Be certain to trim near the eyes but do retain the moustache and goatee of the Cockapoo as it lends the perfect grace and charm befitting this wonderful breed.

Cockapoo Grooming Tools

There are a few tools in particular that one should have on hand before undertaking Cockapoo grooming.

The essential grooming tools (affiliate links) include:

Hair Clipping Tools

Dog Wash Products

Nail Care Tools

Dental Care Products

Dedicated Dog Brushes

We are often asked: What is the best brush for a Cockapoo?

For this breed, I suggest finding the best dog brushes in these categories:

Suitable Table for Grooming

Now, if you are in the market for a sturdy grooming table, the Flying Pig foldable table is a great option. Its portability suits mobile groomers and the fact that you can fold it, to put away at the end of a grooming session, is a real plus.

The Flying Pig Foldable Grooming Table (Affiliate Link)

Vacuums for Shedding Dog Hair

Make the Cockapoo stand in the bath tub and wet him with lukewarm water. Use the dog shampoo and thoroughly lather him up. If it is the herbal kind, let it be on for a few minutes before washing it off. Be especially careful that the soap does not enter the pet’s eyes. After his bath is complete, run him down with a towel. You can follow up with a hair dryer as well if you like to thoroughly dry him off.

A common question from owners is:

Do Cockapoo shed?

Well most dogs shed to some extent. But the Cockapoo is one breed that sheds far less than other breeds. Whilst the Cockapoo is often referred to as a non-shedding breed, it does qualify as typically very, very low shedding. This of course can vary from dog to dog. I’ve heard some owners say that their own hair “sheds” more than their cute little Cockapoo.

However, either way, I strongly recommend that you consider a vacuum that is designed for pet hair collection. This can definitely make life easier, well at least the hours that you spend cleaning.

Vacuums to Suck Up Dog Hair (Affiliate Link)

Advantages of Learning Cockapoo Grooming

As you can see, grooming Cockapoo can be much easier if you follow a technique and of course have the right grooming tools.

There are a number of different Cockapoo hairstyles to choose between. New groomers need to add these to their repertoire of grooming styles.

First and foremost the pet should be made to stand comfortably on the ground or on a waist high table for easy reach (for those who have a tendency to get backaches or those who can’t kneel on the ground comfortably).

A healthy and well groomed Cockapoo is a joy to behold.

Learning how to groom a Cockapoo yourself provides a great deal of satisfaction not to mention quality bonding time with your pet and of course the cost savings that come from not having to go to a professional groomer can be considerable. It is very satisfying to stand back and look at the Cockapoo haircut that you have just given your very own pooch. With this skill up your sleeve, grooming simply becomes part and parcel of your overall Cockapoo care routine.

Other Dog Breeds

If you have more than 1 breed of dog at home you can find some handy tips in the category on Breed Dog Grooming. In particular if you also groom Poodles in addition to this breed, then you will want to make sure that you have the appropriate clippers.


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