How to Tell What Breed My Dog Is Using Dog DNA Testing Kits

Dog DNA Testing

Do you know what breed your dog is? Are you sure, or is there an element of doubt? And why would it matter? Perhaps a dog DNA test could be the answer for you. I can think of a few different scenarios in which dog owners might wish they could be more certain of their dog’s breed.

Perhaps you have recently bought a puppy from a breeder. A few weeks later, the puppy’s physical traits are starting to make you wonder if he is indeed a pure breed.

On the other hand, perhaps you have adopted a dog from a shelter and want to understand the lineage in order to provide the best possible care and training.

Or, maybe, you are just fed up with not being able to tell people your dog’s heritage. Remember those other dog owners you meet in the park; conversation invariably leads to “So what is your dog?” Of course, there are referring to his/her breed.

If you know that you own a Maltese or a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel, then there is no problem.

However, if you are unsure exactly what breed or cross-breed your dog is, then there are a few solutions you could try.

Dog DNA Test Kit

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Massaging Dogs Ears, Legs & Body

Massage a Dog

Who hasn’t had a dog that simply loves to roll over and have her belly rubbed? Similarly, most dogs absolutely love having their ears scratched or the base of their tail massaged. This is particularly true if your fingers gently ruffle up the under coat. But, have you considered massaging dogs for anxiety?

Like humans, most dogs actually enjoy a massage.

Why is that?

Is it just affection the dog is craving? Or can it actually be therapeutic for your dog?

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How to Wash a Large Dog Bed & Small Beds

Washable Dog Bedding

The question ‘How to Wash a Large Dog Bed’ dominated my thinking recently. For good reason. We had just visited the home of a relative, unannounced. Well, when I say unannounced I guess our friends knew that we were going to drop in sometime that day. Perhaps they weren’t expecting us quite so early in the morning. Oops. Our mistake. I would not have been happy if I were the host either.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, their little dog, Daisy, was definitely making her presence felt. And not by jumping up or barking or being adorably cute, which she is. Rather, Daisy caught our attention with the smell. Her doggie bed was punctuating the air with an undeniable stench.

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What Colors Do Dogs See Best?

What do dogs?

How Many Colors Do Dogs See?

And does it matter? Well let’s investigate. A common belief about dogs is that they are color-blind. Well, I have always wondered how we came to that conclusion. And if they are color-blind, then what colors do dogs see best, with respect to the spectrum available to them?

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How to Cool Down Panting Dogs

Cooling Panting Dogs

Ways to Cool Down a Panting Dog

Summer is one season that can pose various additional problems when it comes to pets. Excessive heat can be of real concern for people as well as for our furry friends. In many parts of the world, summer temperatures are on the rise as well. So it is not unusual to spot a panting dog.

Excessive heat is a very common cause of this kind of panting, as you would expect. But it is not the only reason. So we’ll briefly look at other possibilities before discussing how to manage the overheating issue. This is a matter of concern for both groomers as well as for dog owners.

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