How to Sharpen Dog Nail Clippers

How to sharpen dog nail clippers

We had a dog that would run a mile before he would let anyone try to trim his nails. If you have a nervous dog, as we had, then keeping his nails short can be a real challenge. Unfortunately, for the sake of your dog’s comfort, clipping dog nails is one grooming task that needs to be done on a regular basis. For that reason, many dog owners choose to do it themselves at home. If you are one of them, then you will be a candidate for learning how to sharpen dog nail clippers yourself.

It goes without saying that, for starters, you need the right kind of dog nail clippers (affiliate link), those that are intended for pet use.

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However, even the best of nail trimmers can lose their sharpness over time. Yes, after considerable use, they can become quite dull. When that happens, nail clipping becomes more and more difficult, and possibly more and more painful for your dog.

So, is bluntness something that you can fix yourself at home? Can you sharpen dog nail clippers yourself instead of taking them to a professional?

The short answer is yes.

In this article will address how to go about sharpening dog nail clippers at home. Given that you probably won’t have a professional nearby to demonstrate the steps involved, we have included a YouTube video that can walk you through the task.

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Teddy Bear Traditional Cockapoo Haircut Styles

Cockapoo Haircut Styles

Because the Cockapoo breed is a mix, the size of a given Cockapoo can vary considerably. You might find that yours weighs as little as approximately 12 lbs (5.5 Kg). However, he could also weigh as much as double that. For this reason, it is advisable to choose an appropriate table that allows you to manage clipping different Cockapoo haircut styles.

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Styling the Cockapoo Coat

Cockapoos are adorable dogs with beautiful coats. This provides groomers with great styling opportunities. They can pick and choose the best haircut style for their doggy client.

Perhaps you have a favorite cut, but if not, check out the Cockapoo haircut styles listed below. I particularly like the Teddy Bear Trim. I think it looks especially cute. However, your choice of cut will depend on your own personal preference as well as the time of year. Seasonal temperature variations will need to be considered.

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What Are Hot Spots on Dogs?

Hot spots on dogs are very common. They usually become noticeable when a specific area of skin becomes infected and inflamed. This invariably results in constant licking or chewing; in fact most dogs simply cannot leave the area alone.

Other terms are sometimes used for this condition. For example, a dog hot spot is often referred to as moist dermatitis.

Hot Spots on Dogs
Dog Scratching Hot Spots – Graphic by Mrs Hall from Pixabay

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What Is the Best Shampoo for Dogs with Itchy Skin?

There are several shampoos available that can help relieve itchy skin in dogs. Some popular options include oatmeal-based shampoos, medicated shampoos containing ingredients and shampoos containing natural ingredients like tea tree oil or aloe vera. It’s important to consult with a veterinarian before choosing a shampoo for dogs with itchy skin because you will receive expert advice based on your particular dog’s specific needs.

As you would expect, when selecting the best shampoo for your itchy dog, there are a number of factors to consider before just grabbing whatever is on the shelf or in the grooming supplies box.

Just like people, dogs have different hair types, skin sensitivities and grooming needs, so it is important to address these different needs with the right shampoo.

But today, we are looking specifically at shampoos for dogs with itchy skin.

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How to Get Matts Out of Dog Hair & Prevent Future Matting

Matted Dog Hair

Matted dog hair can be a huge problem for pet owners not to mention for their beloved pets. It is often a frustrating problem that can lead to skin irritation, fungal infections and considerable discomfort for many a dog. In extreme cases matting can even reduce the dog’s mobility. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately, with the right tools and time-proven techniques, dealing with matted dog hair can be a manageable task.

The following article provides information on what you need to know about the causes of knots in your dog’s hair, techniques you can use to remove them and practices you can employe to prevent them reoccurring.

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